Friday, January 23, 2009

Detecting overt racism in 2009

Video of "Prayer for 'White to Embrace Right' - Inauguration Benediction"

I found it curious that Lowery's prayer was wildly applauded as evidenced in the video. Those who did, universally ignored the fact that the words insulted all non-blacks who voted for Obama. It is telling that racism lives and when the "Wright" type people do it, no one objects.

Detecting racism is pretty simple. To answer the question whether something is racist or not apply the "chameleon test." Review the event or the words and imagine a differently colored person had said or done that instead. Would another group have been offended? Simple isn't it?

In this case, had a white pastor said the prayer, would others have been offended? You betcha.

It's a concept that is pretty flexible and widely usable. Take Black Entertainment Television for instance - offensive? Now imagine if someone proposed a "White Entertainment Television" network. Would that offend others? Of course it would, which suggests that both are racist in their intent and impact. How about a "black church?" Would a "white church" be offensive? Case closed.

Can mankind really become colour-blind? Perhaps, but first it must recognize that people do exist with differing amounts of melanin in their skin and that is indicative of absolutely nothing about that person. It is the character and integrity of a man that speaks volumes instead.

As evidenced by the 'prayer' above, racism is alive and well in America, but it seems now to reside primarily among those who suffered under it for generations and they are unaware it festers among them. It is proof that despite our newly elected black President, large groups of men and women who have a lot of work to do yet to overcome their fears and prejudices of ignorance.

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Leifur said...

Was he not just talking about whites to embrace "the" right? ;)

I haven´t seen this before, and based only on this video, I am not sure he meant it in any racial way (please point out to me if I am wrong), it was just funny remarks about all racial groups. Hopefully we will soon be able to de-racialize things, and humor will play a big role in that, but I agree that it shouldn´t be just the whites that do that on their behalf.

In that sense the so called whiteness studies are interesting, and frightful to say the least.

Best wishes,