Monday, January 26, 2009

Buthelezi: 'SA at war with itself'

South Africa is a country at war with itself, with corrupt leaders who fail to address the problem of crime, Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi said on Sunday.

He was addressing supporters at the launch of his party's election manifesto at the Safa-Simba stadium in Pimville, Soweto.

"Crime is a clear example of the huge gap between what is said and what is done... We thought we saw the bottom of how bad the failure to manage crime could be but nothing could prepare us for the spectacle of the incrimination of the head of police, the persecution of the head of the National Prosecuting Authority and the constant attack on judges and the judiciary.

"What hope does the flock have when its sheep dogs tear one another apart rather than guarding it against the approaching wolves?" Buthelezi said.

Change of leadership, followed by a change in policies, was vital to save South Africans from the constant "empty promises they have been bombarded with" for the past 15 years.

"The people of South Africa can no longer rely on false promises. We now need to bring about a change in leadership which shifts the moral basis of this country from those who are greedy, incompetent and corrupt... to those who have commitment, competence and integrity," Buthelezi said.

Corruption, he said, was one of the pressing issues which the ruling party had consistently promised to resolve but failed dismally at doing.

"In spite of all the pledges against corruption, corruption has now permeated our society from the very top to its very bottom," he said.

He noted poverty and HIV and Aids as other issues the ANC-led government had failed to address.

"One of the worst failures of this government is its abysmal track record in dealing with poverty. People are losing their jobs all around me while young people are dying of HIV and Aids.

"Hundreds of thousands of children died unnecessarily because their mothers did not receive drugs which could have prevented them from being infected with HIV at birth. This is a tragedy which could and should have been prevented," he said.

On education, Buthelezi said the education system was in disarray.

"Our children are failing in large numbers. This is happening not because our children have suddenly become less intelligent, but because the machinery required for their education has become more inefficient, more corrupt and more unproductive," he said.

To implement the "change", Buthelezi said his party "can bring about the required solution to the core and essential problems" of HIV and Aids, crime, corruption, poverty, unemployment and a failing education system.

"If we don't solve this pool of problems, our Republic is doomed and the electorate of 2009 will be remembered as having foregone for itself and its children the gains which many generations struggled for," he said.

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So good old Buthulezi thinks the IFP is less incompetent and corrupt than the ANC ? I think to remember hat he was minister of home affairs and even at that time this was sheer shambles.

klipgeit said...

In 1965 Buthulezi told me in an off the record interview,that he does not want the Zulus to be educated for fear of overthrowing him.

Anonymous said...

Klipgeit that is how Africa is run - uneducated masses. That is why they keep them dumb. So they have control.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Yer right anon. -

Every nigger out there ought to have the right to get nuclear science degree's if they want.
And the key to the sub or atomic facility. Hell, just give it to 'em.

How about control in all areas of banking so that they might squander and pilfer yet more billions in their neanderthal ways. Destruction from the word go.

I'd say yall do good by not shitting in the streets ... we never expected much more from ya than that. My dog is more civilized.

What's amazing is the simpleton mindset you can never escape from.

White man be all bad.

Nigger he be all good.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"..they keep them dumb.."

Ya have to qualify your base material back at the starting point. A rock can only be but so absorbant. Oops.

You can invite them all over yer house though !

klipgeit said...

Anonymous,and that is why the West loves to give handouts and take them into their countries to make us whites dumber and dumber.
You are right.

klipgeit said...

Jeff, I did invite Julius Malema to give an exhibition on woodwork.
All he could make was houtkoppe. :)