Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The suffering that Hamas causes

Watching the television coverage of the Gaza situation convinces me that we live in a modern mainstream media world devoid of objective reporting. Turn on Sky News, CNN and BBC and all you see are wall to wall images of 'frightened and suffering' Gazans. On the other hand, little time is allocated to the suffering of the 'other side' Israel where 3 more people were killed by Hamas rockets and tens of thousands more live in terror, women and children included.

We are subjected to sanctimonious television anchors tearing into Israeli representatives making their enmity towards Israel very evident and revealing their woeful ignorance of the facts on the ground. This shameful display is compounded further - their useful idiot roles require it - when they overplay the "sympathetic presenter" when a Hamas terrorist spokesperson is interviewed, allowing these vile creatures ample time to spew their hateful vitriol and propaganda.

These liberal presenters forget that the aim, the sole purpose for the existence of Hamas is to destroy a country, a people, Israel.

It is not there to look after its people. It has no interest in a peaceful settlement with Israel. It has stated so repeatedly. What does Israel need to do to convince people that it is the victim here? 8000 rockets fired into its territory, what would the US or UK do? Let's get some perspective. The days of Hamas-like thinking is over, it is time we acknowledge that. There is no place in the 21st century for anything or anyone to be 'wiped off the map' and we need to make it clear to Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist entities that terror tactics belong in the past.

From the Boston Globe

Last month's commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provided the occasion to ask difficult questions about societies whose political leadership serially violates them. What, for instance, is to be done about places like Darfur or Zimbabwe, or any one of a multitude of places governed by leaders whose consciences appear untouched by the suffering they are causing? To the list of grotesque human rights violators must be added Hamas, whose disdain for the suffering its policies cause the Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip is exceeded only by its open, and even proud, infliction of atrocities on Israeli civilians.

This year alone, Hamas, which expressly calls for the obliteration of Israel, has launched approximately 3,000 rockets and mortar bombs into Israeli civilian centers, always for the purpose of killing and maiming Israelis if possible, and terrifying those who are not actually hit. In the last week or so, Hamas has fired some 200 rockets and bombs into Israeli communities.

Under these circumstances - circumstances which would have continued without end had the Israelis failed to act - it seems clear that the Israeli military response was not merely a necessary one. It was, regrettably, the only one left.

Israeli author Amos Oz, whose call for peace with the Palestinians is shared by a majority of Israelis, succinctly described the brutalization of Israeli civilians in terms that cannot fairly be disputed. In a recent piece entitled "Israel Must Defend Its Citizens," the longtime advocate for reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis wrote: "The systematic bombing of the citizens in Israel's towns and cities is a war crime and a crime against humanity."

Oz is correct. But it isn't only Israelis whose fundamental human rights Hamas is violating. It is those of the Palestinian population about whose welfare Hamas professes to care.

In direct contravention of international law, Hamas uses Palestinian civilians as human shields, utilizing homes, schools and community centers as launching pads, content in the knowledge that if innocent Palestinian civilians are caught in the cross-fire, it will be Israel that is criticized.

This amounts to a sort of Daily Double of human rights violations: the use of innocent Palestinians as human shields for the infliction of violence upon innocent Israelis.

It is Hamas that perfected the use of the suicide bomb, by which young Palestinians were induced to kill themselves so that Israelis could also be killed. It is somehow apt that Hamas should be forever associated with the suicide bomb, for in a larger sense Hamas has proved to be an instrument of the demise of Palestinians in Gaza.

Hamas's persistent call for the annihilation of Israel through jihad, its unequivocal rejection of any peace with Israel under any circumstances, its seizure of Gaza through a coup d'etat, its repression of women and freedom of expression, and its embrace of Iran have all disgusted the international community, which will have little to do with it. Hamas has likewise repelled numerous Arab governments, which might otherwise have been expected to dip into their ample reserves of petrodollars to provide much-needed aid and foreign investment to Gaza, but which have steered clear of it.

Thus Hamas leads the Gazan population on a kamikaze course. The suffering of Gazans cannot conceivably be a genuine concern of the leadership, given the perpetuation of that suffering for which Hamas is responsible. And the suffering of Israelis is its avowed goal.

Whether it was South Africa or Sudan, the international community has understood that the way to deal with truly egregious human rights violators is not to placate them, but to speak the truth about them, and to them. If the truth is spoken plainly enough, and forcefully enough, to a Hamas leadership whose cruelty and callousness have reached alarming levels, it may be that the Palestinians and Israelis alike may be spared further suffering of the kind to which they have been relegated in the past.

Jeff Robbins, an attorney, was a US delegate to the United Nations Human Rights Commission during the Clinton administration.

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Stupid said...

Thank you! It’s about time that there was some positive publicity for the poor Israeli’s.

Grumbleguts said...

The South African government summoned Israeli ambassador Dov Segev-Steinberg to the Union Buildings...with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Fatima Hajaig...

With the name that she has, I would think that the woman is a muslim. That will mean that the SA stance on the issue is certainly in favour of Hamas. I would expect that the ANC will be shouting the odds against Israel yet again, without knowing a single thing about the history of the conflict.

Stupid said...

Grumbleguts, this was my comment on a Jewish blog:

Guys, wake up. The ANC has an agenda and that does not include the Jews. They have condemned Israel but not Mugabe. Mugabe is an outright murdering dictator. However, the ANC has taken zero action against Mugabe. I am not comparing Israel to Zimbabwe. To the contrary, I believe Israel is rightly defending itself. So I think I’ve made a clear point. The ANC is only looking after its own political interests and this is not the first time that their political interests have clashed with their principled or moral interests.


Stupid said...

Here is a suggestion - a poll to see what your blog readers think about the latest Israeli response to the Hamas attack. There have been a considerable amount of anti-semitic comments by some followers. (By the Rothchild media masters/Zionism/NWO crowd.) I'm quite curious about this.

Anonymous said...

Here is something interesting to ponder in the New Year - " Have you noticed that if you re-arrange the word "MUSLIM" and you add a couple more letters, it says " Fuck-off home you sandal wearing rag headed cunts" Spooky isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Aah, Israel oh Israel, "The Chosen One".

The answer is there in front of us, created by the Zionists themselves. Just use their own policies that they have enforced all around the world. Look what great peace and harmony they have sown.

Relax the Israeli immigration law that only allows Jews to immigrate into Israel. The main lobbyists to open the US borders are Jewish lobbyists, yet this wonderful gift of multiculturism is selflessly given to other countries and not to Israel itself.

No one will rocket the Jewish neighbourhoods if the majority of folk living there are from good Arab or North and Central African stock.

Once the borders are open, have a one man one vote system, the same as the Zionist media so lovingly forced South Africa to do.

The type of apartheid practiced on the Palestinians makes our little South African version look like the Diet Coke of apartheid.

Time to make a place for the chicken to come home and roost, oh Israel, and embrace your own little ethnic diverse Middle Eastern Rainbow Nation. Its phucking great. So phucking great.!!!!!!

Another great benefit is that the foreign soldiers can leave Iraq as we all know, that there are no WMD, and the world just buys its oil, it doesn't have to send its sons and daughters to get killed for it, so the real presence of coalition troops in Iraq is to protect Israel.

Another wonderful benefit will be that the funds that the US gives to Israel (the largest single reciprient country of US donor funds) can be diverted to rebuild the destroyed Palistinian lives. Major Arab brownie points for the US!

Go on Israel, just embrace the Palestinians and a bit of diverse multicultured immigrants and melt together in harmony, just like your Zionist media is telling us to do on a continued, ever intensifying basis.

Don't wait to long. The giant is waking and grumpy as hell, now that he realises its been the annoying drone of your media and Hollywood that has been giving him all these nightmares while he was asleep.