Sunday, November 30, 2008

SA expats get top jobs in Australia

Now picture this tenfold (one million people that have left since 1994) and understand what South Africa has lost - and continues to lose. I said recently that the requirements to enter Fortress Australia are some of the most stringent anywhere (ask me, I know) and it is understandable. Australia is an awesome country and the demand to move here is oversubscribed many times. Australia can literally afford to cherry pick the best entrants.

South Africans who have moved to Australia have the best jobs and earn the most.

They have better qualifications than immigrants from Europe and America and also live in the wealthiest suburbs, said professor Dharma Arunachalam, a professor in political and social studies at the Australian Monash University.

He said they did not realise how much talent South Africans were bringing to Australia until they started checking census statistics in 2006.

"We were surprised by the facts," he said.

SA immigrants are generally younger than other immigrants and are well-qualified with professional and managerial skills. Most bring their families and earn more than any other group.

They live mostly in wealthier suburbs in Queensland and in the western part of the country.

Before 1996, the immigrants were mostly English-speaking South Africans, but more Afrikaners, Indians and black people have joined their ranks.

The SA population in Australia has grown from 55 821 in 1996 to 104 129 in 2006.

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