Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hau! It is the Pommies who are killing us!

And the worst of it all is that there will be millions of Zimbos who will believe this crap. No wonder Africa is in such trouble and SA is being referred to as Southern Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s information minister today accused former colonial power Britain of starting the country’s cholera epidemic in a bid to commit a "genocide of our people".

"The cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe is a serious biological, chemical war force, a genocidal onslaught, on the people of Zimbabwe by the British," Sikhanyiso Ndlovu told a press conference.

"It’s a genocide of our people," he said.

"This was a calculated warfare," Ndlovu said. "There are forces who are continuing to plant anthrax and cholera disease."

Ndlovu spoke one day after President Robert Mugabe claimed the cholera outbreak was over, sparking an international outcry as aid groups warned the epidemic could last for months.

The government mouthpiece Herald newspaper today quoted presidential spokesman George Charamba as saying that Mugabe had been making "his argument through sarcasm, noting that efforts deployed so far towards containing the outbreak were beginning to yield positive results".

Charamba denounced the BBC and France 24, which he said "deliberately distort and misrepresent President Mugabe’s remarks".

"Clearly, these two Western networks have chosen a path of willful distortion of a clear statement and argument by the Zimbabwean president, in order to advance the war and regime change agenda of their expansionist governments," Charamaba said in the Herald.

He added that Zimbabwe still wanted international assistance to fight the disease, which last week was declared a national emergency.

Zimbabwe’s crumbling infrastructure has helped spread the disease across the country, as broken water and sewage pipes have left many neighbourhoods without clean drinking water or adequate sanitation.

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Anonymous said...

Is this not just another sarcastic remark, how can even the stupidest of people believe this drivvle.Viva Mu"gay"be. Keep up the genocide. The world is letting you kill your own. The world does not give a fuck. So please continue to kill and maim - you have my vote - one less (795 in fact) stupid baboon on earth will make it a better place.I have no sympathy with the Zimbo's. they are allowing themselves to be killed. No charity from me. the brits by the way do not have enough backbone to do anything underhanded. The police first have to take a suicide bomber for tea and cake before they are allowed to take action. Rather than make a mistake in favour of thousand who may be maimed or killed, they have to smile and allow this carnage to go on in case they violate some MF's human rights. Where are we heading. You go Bob - you do not require help, you are doing a great job of ridding africa of Africans.