Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cop: "You white shit, you are going to die here with your money"

One reason we spend a lot of effort on this blog is not to talk the country down but rather to shake people from their self-induced slumber as regards the realities of South Africa. I'm sure most of you have spent a lot of time arguing with friends and family about the direction of the country, that things are just not right and that unless we change the country, it is doomed to fail.

Being a cup-half-full kinda guy, I persist in my quest because I am certain that all is not lost - yet. The tipping point has not been reached and the challenge is to find a way to avoid getting there.

I believe there are bad apples in all spheres of society and like any rotten produce, they make the most stink. Let's face it, the ANC has been a disaster for South Africa. Everything bad you see around you is the causal effect of bad Marxist and racist policies by the ANC. That leaves us with one conclusion: the ANC must go. The irony and sad part is that despite their woeful record as a 'government', the ANC will win next year's election and probably with an even larger majority. Why? Because people refuse to participate in the political process, leaving their fate in the hands of politicians who "know better". That is such a naif mentality. Politicians act for themselves. Our many postings about gravy junkets for example, proves that.

And one would also think stories like the one below would stir people to action but that is not the case. South Africans are an apathetic lot. Even with the world's worst crime figures, a recent Anti Crime March attracted just 5000 people.

But, whether we/they are ready or not, I believe things are coming to a head in South Africa and it is about time. The tension was getting to all of us. With the economic meltdown, with resources more stretched and with new players (COPE) to challenge them, the true terrorist origins of the ANC is coming to light. Faced with a real challenge to its domination, the ANC and its followers are dropping all pretences of being democratic, of wanting to get along with minorities and those who oppose them, indeed, the zanuPFication of South Africa is underway.

What this also means is that even affirmative action appointees (in this particular case below, the police) will care less about maintaining the facade of wanting to peacefully co-habit the country with others, mainly the White minority. Most police are honest but there is a core of bad rubbish that no one seems capable (or willing) of removing and I fear that their attitude will become the overriding posture of the police. With this same police being the so-called front line against crime, and crime being our main problem, if their attitude towards law-abiding people is as shown below, what hope is there that we can right this country unless WE say "enough" and take our country back.


A Kyalami, northern Johannesburg, man who filmed a police officer assaulting him and his wife on his cellphone has laid charges in the hope that "the matter will be dealt with at the highest level".

Baden Hall, who owns a corporate landscaping business, was following one of his trucks on Thursday morning on the way to a filling station in Lonehill, north of Joburg, when it was pulled over at a police roadblock on Lonehill Boulevard.

"I pulled over at the layby as they wanted to arrest two of my workers, because they didn't have papers.

"I spoke to the female sergeant and told her I had all my workers' registration papers on file at the office, and would bring them to the police station," Hall said.

He was told that the men would be taken to Morningside police station, and when he queried this as Douglasdale police station was closer, he was insulted.

"So then I told her I wanted to see her appointment card, as by law she has to identify herself when asked before executing a police function.

"Then a female inspector in command of the roadblock stepped in. She shrugged me off, and when I asked her to wait she told me to fuck off and get out of the way," said Hall.

He was outraged, but as a former police reservist himself, he knew that while he could not legally photograph a police official's face, he could photograph their name badge.

"I set my phone to camera and went to photograph her badge and she hit me on the left side of my face with her fist, and then backhanded me on the right."

Taken off guard, Hall grabbed the woman by her collar.

"Then she started screaming a string of political abuse at me along the lines of 'You white shit, you are going to die here with your money. We will make sure you never leave this country, you will die here first'," said Hall.

He then stepped back and called his wife Melanie, telling her that he was not planning on leaving the roadblock, and wanted her to accompany the truck, and pay for the petrol so that his workers could continue.

"Mel arrived and yelled at the policewoman for assaulting members of the public, and the woman came for her. So I put my phone on video mode and as she came to hit me, she missed and hit Melanie with a glancing blow," Hall explained.

The seven seconds of footage on his phone shows an angry policewoman storming the camera aggressively, striking out in front of her as a loud slap sounds. Then the picture ends suddenly as the phone was knocked out of Hall's hand.

The couple said the attack caused a commotion, as other police members entered the fray and restrained their aggressive colleagues.

According to Hall, a commanding officer from Sandton arrived, and he then tried to reason with this officer.

"Basically the Superintendent tried to labour the point of the workers with me, and I told him that was not the issue.

"It was the fact that an arresting officer refused to identify herself, then struck me twice when I tried to photograph her lapel badge.

"He said I had grabbed her, and I pointed out I had been unprovokedly attacked and was entitled to defend myself."

Speaking to The Star shortly after the incident, Hall said he was devastated, and would lay a charge of assault against the woman.

"Nobody was in control there. The inspector told me to fuck off at least three times, and I intend opening a case and reporting this to the Independent Complaints Directorate in the hope this will be escalated as high as possible."

Melanie Hall said she was horrified by the assault. "You feel so helpless. They join ranks around you."

The SAPS said they could not comment at this stage.

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@ Doberman

The half full cup you are seeing is getting fuller every day. With the usual Africa sh.t.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky you weren't killed by them.
Remember, when the Bantu take over a Land, they own the previous occupiers and can do with them what they will:
Boers are the "previous occupiers of most of SA and so the Bantu now "own" us - at least that is how they see it in their culture!