Friday, November 21, 2008

Zille lays into Zuma over vehicle convoy

UPDATE - The state spends R312 million a year to keep VIP protection service officers in the field.

The leader of the Democratic Alliance, Helen Zille, on Friday accused African National Congress (ANC) president Jacob Zuma of encouraging classic banana-republic stuff, when he traveled in a convoy of 33 vehicles while campaigning in Limpopo.

"Even though Zuma is not a public office-bearer, 22 of these vehicles belonged to state law-enforcement agencies, and the whole cavalcade stretched for over 1km," Zille said in her weekly online newsletter.

She recounted that traffic officers forced traffic in both directions off the road, crossings on the route were blocked off so that the convoy could proceed without interruption and roadblocks were set up to stall other motorists.

"It demonstrates the ANC's approach to the institutions of state," Zille said.

"In the ANC's view these institutions [such as law-enforcement agencies] must serve the party leaders, not the people.

Power is abused for pomp and glory, because leadership is about style rather than substance."

The DA leader drew attention to two other cases of "blue-light bullying": when a member of the VIP protection squad shot out the tyre of a car in his way because he was running late, and when a Cato Ridge woman was forced off the road by a vehicle with flashing blue lights, and then assaulted. "This is pure power abuse," she said.

"It is criminal behaviour."

It is the clearest manifestation of a culture that has taken hold of the ANC. Believing they represent the will of the people, ANC leaders and their army of bodyguards believe that they don't have to obey laws. These only apply to 'other people'. It is an example set by ANC president Jacob Zuma.

"Almost every time he opens his mouth, he shows his contempt for the Constitution, whether he is talking about teenage pregnancy, suspects in criminal cases, or school prayers.This attitude is conveyed in practical ways as well, including his use of vehicles.

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Don't complain "Black Sash Helen". this is what you in your naivity
fought for . Now you got it.
Never realised African reality - Hey ?

Anonymous said...

Some pigs are more equal than others,

welcome to the farmyard.

Anonymous said...

What a PERFECT opportunity to have taken them all out with a Maverick air to ground missile.

33 vehicles in a convoy sure makes for a tempting target!!!