Saturday, November 22, 2008

Would-be racist killers 'should be warned'

That's right, do you hear that?, naughty would-be racist killers. Bad would-be racist killers.

If you're a ordinary killer, well..that's ok then but don't let me hear that you were a 'racist' killer. That's a big no no. I hope it's a lesson learnt for all you would-be racist killers. There's no future in being a racist killer,
nah ah, an ordinary killer yes, racist killer NO. I hope it's clear now.



Cosatu on Friday welcomed the four life terms imposed on Skierlik shooter Johan Nell by the Mmabatho High Court.

"No lesser sentence could possibly have been given for such an appalling crime, motivated purely by racist obsessions," Cosatu spokesperson Patrick Craven said in a statement.

He said the sentence should act as a deterrent to any other would-be racist killers that they would be dealt with as harshly by the law.

Nel was sentenced to four life sentences for killing four peoples in the Skierlik informal settlement, near Swartruggens, on January 14.

The court reportedly ordered that Nell not be considered for parole. It is understood that he intends appealing against the sentence.

The Young Communist League has also welcomed the sentence as a "strong message that perpetrators of heinous and racist murders will be brought to book and rot in jail".

North West police spokesperson Superintendent Lesego Metsi said Judge Ronald Hendricks did not indicate whether the charges would run concurrently.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Thanks for posting info on John Nell ...
if anyone else at all has mentioned him , I've missed it .
I feel for the young fella .

Without going into all the reasons pro and con , besides the fact that a planned , er ... exercise may have yielded more suitable objects deserving of attention , this should stir the indignation of many for the blatant double standards used against him .

Hope someone will be able to check on him and perhaps help in some way . I'm sure it was pure frustration on his part , probably particularly so after he saw no one else doing a thing .