Sunday, November 23, 2008

South Africans flocking home

Another misleading headline. Really, 1000 people attending an expo in the UK is "flocking home"? A similar expo held in Johannesburg in July for New Zealand attracted 6500 people who PAID to get in. Six leaving, one coming back. That's 'flocking' back is it? I have said it before and I'll say it again. I do not want to encourage people to leave SA however if they feel it's in their best interests then they should do so with everybody's blessing.

Of a survey done by this site, 81% of expats in the UK wanted to return but those in Australia, only 47% would consider returning. I'd like to think that most expats would return but only if the crime situation improved and discrimination was ended. I
n another post I did back in April, only 0,1% would ever return.

Not exactly flattering numbers but then again, the role of the mainstream media in SA is to put a shine on shit instead of focusing on real issues and doing something about holding the ANC regime to task. Only when that happens and real changes happen on the ground will people consider returning and even then that may not be possible because as people age and acclimatise to their new lives in other countries and as their children integrate, the will to return dissipates.

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Foreign shores lure South Africans

More and more South Africans living abroad, especially in
the United Kingdom, are opting to return home as unemployment and the cost of living soar.

The British Chambers of Commerce predicts that the economic slump will force unemployment to soar by between 250 000 and 300 000 in the next two to three years.

Last month, Homecoming Revolution, a non-profit organisation that encourages and helps South Africans around the world to return h
ome, held an expo in the UK.

"More than 1 000 South Africans attended, and they were of an extremely high skills calibre," says Angel Jones, the founder of the organ

"What is especially exciting is that four out of five of them are returning to South Africa in the next six months."

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Anonymous said...

Those returning will be sorry.
I did return after 13 years in Europe but after only 2 years in SA I had enough and was glad to leave again and this time it´s forever.
Never again will I live in SA but to those of you wanting to try it; Good luck, but are you very sure you want to risk it???

Anonymous said...

The Homecoming Revolution is just a propaganda machine spewing shit. No figures, no stats and they heavily censor their blog. They have no authority or legitimacy in my view.

Doberman said...

@ anon 10:42

I fully concur. It's a spin machine. There was a time they did admit open discussion on their forum but the views were largely so negative towards SA that now they block any anti-SA opinion.

Anonymous said...

seems like everyone on hanging on in SA until it really gets bad. but then the best you can do with your house is to give it away, for rands that you won't be able to sell (ie. buy foreign currencies). take it from an expat like me, the older one becomes, the less emigration-friendly countries open the doors, and the more difficult it becomes to settle and start a new life with less.

Gavin said...

Amen to all comments and the headline article.
Hell, I wish I could get the rest of my family (my parents) out.
My dad asked me if the article (SAn's flocking home) was true and I told him to consider that if there is a downturn in the economy and a lot of people are over here on working or migrant visas then staying here does depend on having a job. So if they were made redundant then they would be stuck because they can't claim public funds (dole - like me who is on a SA passport and here through my British wife).
But, as with all others I reckon it's a lot of PR spin and I won't be suckered into believing it.
Regards all,