Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two young sisters and 68 year old raped

We men must step up and protect our women. This is unacceptable. It is just wrong. We are the rape capital of the world.

This is another reason why this blog exists. We won't hide from the truth. We won't pretend everything is wonderful in the rainbow nation. We will continue to expose our filthy laundry for all the world to see until a government exists that places the welfare and protection of its citizens at the top of its agenda.


Two Port Elizabeth sisters in their 20s were raped and robbed in their high- security home early yesterday by two masked knife-wielding assailants who afterwards escaped into the Baakens Valley.

The two women were held at knife-point in their boundary unit of St Augustine townhouse complex in Mangold Park, overlooking the valley. One of the victims is a 21-year-old student while the other is a 25-year-old who works at Greenacres. To protect their identities, no further details were divulged.

The rapes came on the eve of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children Campaign, which begins tomorrow.

In another attack, a 68-year-old Grahamstown woman was raped and beaten in a graveyard by two men on Saturday night after attending a traditional ceremony.

Police spokesman Superintendent Sandra Janse van Rensburg said the Port Elizabeth sisters were asleep in the television room of their home when their assailants gained access at about 1am. The highly secure complex is surround by a 22-strand electric fence as well as a spiked palisade fence.

“The gate was locked, so the two men gained entrance to the backyard by forcing one of the bottom gate bars open,” said Janse van Rensburg. The men then squeezed through the gap and gained access to the yard of the unit. “The women woke up when they saw the two men, who were wearing balaclavas, going through the house.”

Janse van Rensburg said the intruders found them as they were searching through the cupboards and rooms. “They were then both raped by the men, who afterwards carried on going through the house searching for valuables.” The two robbers threatened the women with their lives, adding that they would return to the home and that the sisters had better still be there.

“The men then left and, after about 10 minutes, the women then decided to run to the neighbours to call for help.”

Janse van Rensburg said police were not sure how the men had entered the house, as there were no visible signs of forced entry. “We are still investigating this but the women are sure that they had locked everything.

“We are not sure what they took, as both women were taken to the rape crisis centre at Dora Nginza Hospital after the incident,” she said. “What we do know is that jewellery was taken.

“Their mother does live with them, but she was out of town in Humansdorp for the weekend.”

Atlas Security operational manager Monty Montgomery said his officers were dispatched to the townhouse after the women had alerted their neighbour, who then called the firm. “We contacted the police and all of us arrived there and searched through the bush, but the two men had already escaped,” he said.

Montgomery added that the townhouse complex was one of the most secure he had seen, with heightened perimeter security features.

“The complex has electric and palisade fencing and a brick wall to the ground, making sure that (intruders) can‘t get under the fence,” he said.

“I suspect the men had gained entrance through the sliding door in the main bedroom.”

A neighbour said he had woken up during the early hours of the morning to “a loud sound”, but after investigation found nothing to be unusual. “I got up and looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary,” he said yesterday. “It was all quiet after I looked around, so I went back to bed.”

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