Friday, November 28, 2008

On trapping birds and kicking dogs

This is an old article but worth a re-post.

When one traps pheasants, one has to bait them with feed until they are under the trap. Once there, one yanks out the stick and the trap falls over the birds. Then their heads are cut off. Further, they are plucked, roasted and eaten.

What do the other pheasants feel about the trapper? Do they think he was such a nice man to feed them for a while, or do they think he is an evil butcher?

In order to catch a dog unawares and kick him in his teeth, one has to sweet talk him
and be nice to him, otherwise he will run away and avoid you. Let him think you are going to pat him on his head or give him something nice to eat, but the moment he is within range, you kick his teeth in. What does all that sweet talk mean to him then?

After Jacob Zuma’s win of the ANC presidency, Afrikaner "leaders" and "academics", such as F.W. de Klerk, Pieter Mulder and Dan Roodt congratulated Zuma and all were looking forward to dialogue with him. Zuma has been sweet-talking the so called "Afrikaner leaders" and "Intelligentsia" for a while now.

How amazing to see that the only LEADER with BALLS was a woman. Helen Zille was the only one who dared speak out against this abomination of a primitive scoundrel, functionally illiterate and morally challenged individual called Jacob Zuma.

I am not sure why these sophomoric Afrikaners attempt to "steig" the moral high ground. It is embarrassing to watch them clambering over each other to go plant their white flag at the apex of Mount Moral.

I know many intellectuals. Fine political analysts, but none of them I would trust with a leadership role of any Afrikaner. Not political
ly. Not militarily. These academics are so far removed from reality that they actually believe dialogue is going to help the Afrikaners and that THEY, the Academics, have the best words strung together to do that job. I can just picture these vicarious whores, parking off on their leather couches in up market white suburbs, scoffing peanuts and sipping brandy, hallucinating up their drivel behind their laptops and thinking they are "Afrikaner Leaders".

Trying to make sense of their verbal-vomit is like using a broken calculator to solve the Collatz Conjecture. They call themselves "Moderate Conservatives", "Centrists"…"Non-ideological", because they are in the middle…In the middle of what? I am sick and tired of their over-reasonableness. Moderation is cowardice!

As it says in Revelations 3:16…"So because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth."

Take a lesson from Nicola Machiavelli you cowards, in conflict choose sides. Always choose the lesser of two evils.

Every time the communist blacks get uppity and start Toi-Toiing in the streets for more of what Whitey has, the closest these Afrikaner fools get to resistance is playing their "De la Rey" CD, and singing along.

They have absolutely no desire to ever lead or save the Afrikaners. Not Roodt, Not Mulder, Not De Klerk….Not even the idiot who fell off his horse.

Who do they think Zuma is talking about when he sings, "Bring me my machine gun"? What does he want to do with that machine gun? Kill Blacks? I don’t think so…

I wonder if the reader knows what these so called "Afrikaner Intelligentsia’s" long term strategy is. Let me tell you, dear reader what their
50 year plan is for the Afrikaner, or go see their websites…

Their entire strategy is one of appeasement. Keep the enemies of the Afrikaner happy in South Africa so that the Afrikaner can find and survive in his own little niche.

That, people is the truth. These Afrikaner Intelligentsia organizations, such as the Afrikanerbond, FAK, ATKV, et al are shamelessly taking money from their members and having monthly meetings on how to appease the enemies of their people. They are first interested in the welfare of their enemies, before they care about their own people’s interests or welfare. I know it sounds pathetic, but it is unfortunately true.

Not a single one of those Afrikaner Intelligentsia organizations support a homeland for the Afrikaner. No, they feed the crocodiles and hope they get eaten last, as one reader pointed out.

If this is the quality of "leadership" the Afrikaners espouse, then there is little hope for them. In chess it is good to have a strategy, but one should never forget that the opponent also has a strategy. The Afrikaner Intelligentsia’s strategy is to force a draw (at best), while their enemies
want to wipe every white piece off the table. Unless they take cognizance of this fact, their strategy of appeasement is doomed.

It is time for the members of these organizations to change this strategy. They should tackle their leaders and unite behind a common goal. Afrikaner unity will only come if they are striving for a common goal, namely their own country, their own Republic where they can rule themselves and be free from the communist yoke of their enemies.

Afrikaners should take a look out the window and realize that the world around them is Black, hungry and violent. They are armed with AK 47’s and willing to tear the Afrikaners apart for whatever possessions they have left.

People like Zuma is only holding the rabid dogs on a leash, because the whites fear the number of dogs and it extorts from them their money and possessions.

What is going to happen, Afrikaners, when you have nothing more to give? Why then should the dogs still be kept on a leash?

How can anybody think that dialogue is going to help him or her against violent assault and murder? How are they going to talk their way out when someone is chopping them up with a machete and raping their wives?

Even a moron will realize that only violence can stop violence. Yes people, sometimes violence is necessary. Start accepting it and embrace it. You have to fight to save your life.

The Afrikaners should further realize that it is not Fanus Badenhorst or Hans Pienaar being killed on the farms; it is the Afrikaners being killed!

There is only one way to stop being attacked and that is to hit back. Self-defense is your right, Afrikaners! Use it or lose it.

Afrikaners are too busy accumulating possessions that are going to be taken away from them anyway. The Boers of 100 years ago fought, because they lost everything. Does that have to happen again?

I don’t know what the Afrikaners are scared to lose anyway. Most of them are so deep in debt that having a zero on their bank balances is considered as being rich. The few personal belongings they carry on them are being taken off them in daily muggings. Even their souls are stolen through rape and torture.

So, Afrikaners…tell me, what are you scared to lose? Your life? Your Freedom? You have no life under the ANC. How can you ever be free unless you live in your own country?

When you have nothing more to lose, you have everything to gain.

Anybody who believes that a war can be put off for much longer is a fool. Anyone who thinks that dialogue will prevent a confrontation is delusional and fooling himself.

It is now the time for the REAL leaders of the Afrikaners to step up to the plate. Men who are willing to make sacrifices. Men who are not scared to lose everything. Men who are willing to FIGHT!

People will tell you, you have two options; Fight or Flight.

In combat reality there are actually FOUR options. Fight, Flight, Submission and Posturing. The first three is quite self explanatory, but what is posturing?

When faced with a threat, an animal will often make himself look fiercer than he actually is. Think about a dog’s mane standing up, or a cat arching his back and hissing; the same for a Cobra flattening his neck or an Elephant waving his ears.

It is all to intimidate the threat in such a way that he chooses to avoid the fight or submit without fighting.

This behaviour is also seen in humans. From ancient Greek/Roman’s plumed helmets and shiny armour to the masks of the Samurai; from Scottish bagpipes to the "Banzai" of the Japanese in WWII. From the Maori Haka to the Zulu war dances and Toi-Toi. From singing De la Rey to singing "Bring me my machine gun".

It is all show. It is just posturing. Do not let that intimidate you. Do not fear. Remember who you are. You are a Boer. In your veins pump the blood of a thousand Germanic warriors. The Boers of old did not need a proper Army to fight the British or the Zulus. Each Boer family was a fighting unit in itself. Husbands, wives, children and helpers…even the family dog…each family a force to be reckoned with. Boy, did we give them hell. People use to talk about the "Fighting Fouries" or "Dangerous Rossouw brothers". We are being forced to adopt these tactics again; not because we want to, but because we have to.

Do not for one moment think this is just doom-say in reaction to Zuma winning. No friends, this is about survival. You want some good advice; start training and preparing already; for the day of our third struggle is at hand.

Remember that the ANC might have beaten the system of Apartheid, they have not beaten us. Not by a long shot.

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Anonymous said...

"In your veins pump the blood of a thousand Germanic warriors."

All of the best Boer fighters and generals were actually "Gallic" and not "Germanic"... for those who don't know, there are two races that inhabited Western Europe: the Gallic peoples (originally from North Africa) and the Germanic peoples (originally from the so-called middle east)!

All Boers of Huguenot descent are of Gallic Blood: Delarey and Malan, as well as 2nd WW fighter ace Sailor Malan (to name but a few).

As an Anthropologist I have spent much time studying the present day distinctions between the Gallic and Germanic peoples of Europe and perhaps the best way to distinguish them for a sports-crazy South African Public is to show them the diagonal NW to SE line separating what I call "Rugby" Europe (Gallic) from "Soccer" Europe (Germanic).

Hope this helps with future posts!
Kind Regards