Friday, November 28, 2008

Mbeki tells MDC: You're the West's lackey!

As time passes, more revelations concerning Mbeki's chicanery is coming to light. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Mbeki's racist paranoia with all things Western and White is becoming more evident. As with the Aids issue, it seems we are closer to gaining an insight into the warped workings of Mbeki's mind too as far as Zimbabwe is concerned and may help explain why Mbeki stood by while a despot destroyed a country.


Two big nails were hammered this week into the coffin of Zimbabwe’s doomed September 15 power-sharing agreement.

As Zanu-PF and MDC officials met in Pretoria last Tuesday to salvage the agreement Robert Mugabe and Thabo Mbeki all but killed any prospects of success.

Mugabe unilaterally announced the extension for a full five-year term of Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono’s contract which expires on November 30. At the same time newspapers in South Africa published parts of a letter Mbeki wrote to MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai which accuse him of being a puppet of the West.

Any pretence of impartiality was discarded by Mbeki who confirmed in that letter suspicions that he saw himself as Mugabe’s ally in a fight against Western imperialism.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the three parties to the Agreement clearly states that all senior appointments must be agreed upon by all signatories. In today’s Zimbabwe the Reserve Bank Governor is de facto the most powerful man in the country after Mugabe. Since his appointment in 2003 Gono has been allowed to amass powers not possessed by any central bank governor anywhere in the history of the office. He is now the focal point of government with tentacles that extend to every aspect of national life.

Government ministries no longer look to Parliament for funding. They go to Gono cap in hand to get in front of the queue. He dispenses money and goods to the favoured few whose well-being is critical to the survival of the regime. Money, cars, farming equipment and inputs, and even television sets and dishes are given to defence force chiefs, judges and the top brass of Zanu-PF. Gono has an open licence to print money which is used to fund government and Zanu-PF programmes. The money is also given to an army of black market foreign currency dealers to change into hard currency.

The Reserve Bank has become a cesspool of corruption with Gono only answerable to Mugabe. Even that is to a limited extent given Mugabe’s scant knowledge of the arcane world of finance. Gono has abysmally failed to carry out the core functions of a central bank governor – to protect the value of the currency and control inflation. The Zimbabwe dollar is now so valueless that it is only legal tender in name. The United States dollar and South African rand are now the two currencies people trade in even for the most mundane transactions. Not even Gono knows what the rate of inflation is. Does it matter anyway whether it is 500 million or a trillion? All that matters to the pompous governor is to print money and line the pockets of those critical to the survival of the regime.

The Reserve Bank is now at the core of the rot in Zimbabwe.

To clean the system the first point of call for a new government is the Reserve Bank. Mugabe cynically allocated the ministry of finance to the MDC so that he could keep all security portfolios so central to his rule. In yet more evidence of his disdain for the agreement and the MDC he unilaterally took a decision to extend Gono’s contract. He fully knows that the MDC wants Gono out. Mugabe is telling the MDC that even if the inclusive government comes into being they will not be part of the decision-making process. They will be frozen out. They will only be in government to give his presidency legitimacy and solicit funds from the West.

Their minister of finance will be as invisible and irrelevant as the current one and his two predecessors. Gono will continue to be the main man only answerable to the president.

The MDC has raised the issue of Mbeki’s lack of impartiality as mediator. But it was not raised consistently and firmly enough. As a result Mbeki continued to abuse his position as mediator to push Mugabe’s agenda. It went well beyond bias. He was actually scheming and strategizing with Mugabe.

Furthermore Mbeki used his clout as South Africa’s president to steer SADC in the direction of supporting Mugabe by mischaracterizing the nature of the crisis. He only desired one outcome – the continued rule of a fellow liberation movement. The MDC did not seem to realize how critical it was to remove Mbeki as mediator. They failed to stand up to SADC on this matter.

Mbeki was angered by a letter written to him by the MDC critical of the stand taken by a SADC summit three weeks ago. Ironically in his angry response he confirmed the validity of allegations of bias levelled against him. The letter made it clear that he shares the Zanu-PF view that MDC are lackeys of the West.

Tsvangirai was correct in the aftermath of the publication of the letter’s contents to call for Mbeki’s removal. He did this in a letter written to current SADC chairman South Africa’s President Kgalema Motlanthe.

He must not do what his party has done in the past – backtrack on the issue when met with SADC resistance. They must unequivocally and firmly state that they will not participate in further talks under Mbeki’s mediation. Evidence of Mbeki’s antipathy towards the MDC over the past eight years is overwhelming.

They must present it to SADC and insist that another mediator be appointed.

Mbeki’s outburst and the unilateral extension of Gono’s contract have extinguished the slim hope of saving the agreement. This is not a bad thing since its main purpose was to confer legitimacy on Mugabe. Botswana is quite correct to point out the failure of SADC initiatives on Zimbabwe. It is futile to travel along the path set by the 15 September agreement which even Mugabe detests. International efforts must be focused on putting real pressure on Mugabe to allow the people of Zimbabwe to have a final say on who governs them.

The current agreement negates the will of the people and rewards violence.

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Anonymous said...

The problem is, "the West" prefer a racist Negro Regime (like Mbeki's) to a classist one, like Zuma's.

So fixated with GREED are the western rulers that they'd rather give the entire sub-saharan Africa to the Niggers (from Nig'eria) than have it working properly...
in any case thay definitely don't want to give any part of Southern Africa back to the Christians, who they know would be more interested in taking care of ALL of the Nations of Southern Africa than they would with "power" while "the West" milks the sub-continent!


Zim is the last warning to the white South Africans. If you cannot see where we are going nothing can help you !