Thursday, November 27, 2008

How not to transport a ladder

Another in our Only in the New! Improved! South Africa!™ series. Fortunately for the geniuses involved, this incident occurred at 12:30pm so the cops would have been on their three-hour afternoon lunch break or having their usual snooze.

The car went through the circle at the bottom of Buffalo Park Drive having come from the direction of Bunkers Hill. It drew the photographer's attention because a bus approaching from the opposite direction took violent avoiding action as it passed the car.

The bus had to drive up onto the verge alongside the old caravan park.

The car then proceeded very slowly onto the Esplanade and eventually turned off to go up Orient Road.

As someone remarked, this driver must be in training at the Step-By-Step Driving School.

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Anonymous said...

Your site is becoming what the old SA Sucks site was once. I see on their site HODD is suggesting people rather visit you.
Your comments etc; are also becoming more fiery and interesting. Congratulations.
It is such a pity that SA Sucks has declined so badly lately. I wish they would bring back those old contributors. Why do you guys not invite Cynic or Doodler? I think they could fit in very well here.

Loggi said...

Thanks Anon. Appreciate your support.We most certainly need as many of these blogs as possible to spread the word. Lets hope Cynic, Dark Raven, Doodler and the other guys return soon.

Censorbugbear said...

Ye gods and little fishes but this is strange. What were they thinking of?

Stupid said...


Loggi said...

And this with the fog and poor visibility. Think? Yep, that same ladder would decapitate the two of them if it was to hit something

Doberman said...

@ anon 11:00..

Thank you for your kind words. Our view is that this blog belongs to everyone. We have a policy of letting anyone join who feels they can contribute.

It does not matter whether they post once a day, or once a month, what matters is that what we do is reaching out to OUR people and letting all Saffers, inside and outside the country, know what is happening and what people are thinking.

Loggi and myself have an open invite to anyone who thinks they would like to join the team. Just contact us.