Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hijackers shoot man in face

I must admit, having been on the end of three attempted hijackings myself, once with my wife and kids where we were shot at, there can be few crimes as frightening as car hijacking - as it invariably involves guns and violence.

The criminals are hyped up, there is the effect of shock and awe, you are out of your element and guns are pointed at you. I think South Africans can deal with most crimes but hijacking has to rank near the top as the most dreaded. Forty cars are hijacked in South Africa every day or 14201 in total (2007/08). A frightening amount.

In the SAPS Crime Stats report for 2007/8 financial year, hijacking figures rose by 14 percent. and truck hijackings soared to 1 245 from 892 incidents in 2006/07, an increase of 39.6%.

A Uitenhage man was shot in the face and died when hijackers stole his brand new car, police said on Friday.

Tamsangqa Makana, 45, was leaving a house in KwaNobuhle's Panayo street when he was confronted by two men who demanded the keys to his blue Volkswagen Polo, Superintendent Priscilla Naidu said.

When he screamed to alert people inside the house he was shot in the face. While he lay bleeding the men jumped into his car and sped off. He died on the way to hospital. The car has not been recovered.

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