Friday, November 21, 2008

Health care in the New Improved South Africa

All she wants for Christmas is ...

A LITTLE girl whose mother was paralyzed after a botched tooth extraction six years ago has been traveling into East London by herself looking for help.

For 11-year-old Nocawa Jantjies, adulthood began the day a routine operation on her mom’s tooth at Cecilia Makiwane Hospital went wrong. Priscilla Jantjies was paralysed after the surgery, and lies brain- damaged in the family’s Mdantsane home, all hope of recourse against the Health Department abandoned .

Nocawa, just a slip of a girl, took the world upon her shoulders that day in 2002 and has cared for her mother and brother ever since. During the day, her father Thomas looks after his wife while Nocawa, when time allows, takes the train from Mdantsane into the city where she knocks on doors, asking for any help she can get.

This week she wandered into the Daily Dispatch building and told her tragic tale. During a Dispatch visit to the family home, she described how her life had changed since her mom’s fateful operation. “My mother is paralysed so I want to assist (my father) by finding people to help us buy food and clothes while he cares for her,” she said.
Speaking from the NU9 shack she shares with her younger brother, Anele, and her father and mother, she said: “All I want is for my mother to get better. “I wish she could be taken to doctors who can cure her, and that we could live in a bigger, warmer house with plenty of food, clothes and toys.”

A day in the life of the Grade5 Dickson Dyani Primary School pupil begins at 4am, when she helps her father with cleaning her mother. At 33, Priscilla is physically and mentally handicapped. She cannot move her body or limbs, and relies on her family to feed and clothe her. “We roll her over to remove the linen saver, remove her soiled nappy and bath her,” said Nocawa. Before the operation Priscilla had been the breadwinner, her husband, Thomas Jantjies, said. “She was a very lively and a hardworking vegetable vendor, who was also a firm but loving mother.”

Priscilla went into hospital in October 2002. “She got back home dizzy and unsteady on her feet, so I rushed her back,” said Thomas.
There she stayed for two years, and her condition remains unchanged. During that time Jantjies began a long legal battle, but has had little luck with local lawyers, who have all backed out.
Medical experts consulted yesterday explained that a mere tooth extraction should never have resulted in paralysis. “Negligence and failure to manage the situation were the most likely causes,” said an East London specialist who requested anonymity for ethical reasons. “A nerve was severed, probably because she suffered convulsions during the extraction.”

The specialist said the onus was on the State to care for Priscilla. “Because the injury was sustained in a State institution and because she is in a vegetative state, placing her in the care of her husband is inhumane.

“She should have been placed in an institution and cared for by professionals,” he said.

Health spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo refused to comment.

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He of difficult days said...

are we supposed to give a sheet about THEM??!?!?!?!!?

Anonymous said...

Some readers suggest that it is only the whites in this country that are whining and payback is a bitch.

We don’t have our heads up our arse and try to get the truth out that White`s, Coloured`s, Indian`s, Albinos and everyone in between are equally screwed in this utopia

Anonymous said...

Loggi's right. In order for our message [that the whole place is one glorious stinking mess] to be believed, that we are not just a bunch of disgruntled whiteys have a dig at blacks or the new dispensation, it is imperative that we show that everyone, white, black, yellow, is having a pretty shitty time of it - and that life in the 'new' SA has not improved, indeed the suffering of the great unwashed masses has actually gotten worse since the world forced that 'evil' system of apartheid off the map. A bit of a fair and balanced view.



Wishful thinking. Almost all blacks still think in tribes and colour. Look at Zim. Do you think that they come to the conclusion that they themselves phucked it up ? If you believe this you are dreaming. Just look how long the Zimbos endured their own sh.t ! Why ?
Because every one of them hoped to get some kind of hand out from the big man. On average our blacks are no different. Just more violent and primitiv. Our descent into the hell Zim is in today will be faster. Unlike Zim there is no country further south of us where we can go shopping.

Anonymous said...

@ whiteadder..

Have you actually spoken to a black Zimbabwean? I have. I have one that is as close to family as one can have. He is educated as most Zimbabweans are. I have brought up the topic about Zim and Mugabe and it is an upsetting subject for him.

He hates Mugabe. He hates black leaders. He is not stupid, he can see what African leaders have done to Africa. He wishes whites were in power because he says whites know how to rule.

Whiteadder, don't paint all people with the same brush.

I asked him, why don't the Zim people overthrow Mugabe? He said, "because we are educated. We don't want to die in the streets. We know nothing will change if we protest. We'll just be killed and it won't change anything." Sounds like something you and I would think.

As for the point I was making above to HODD, I was referring to our blog, that we are not perceived as disgruntled whites have a dig at all things black.

You may recall the toilets in the veld under the Nat party plus many a secret slush fund. We want the rot exposed, from black or white quarters until we, the ordinary citizens of SA are free of these people and some semblance of morals and ethics returns to SA. We replaced the Nats with black Nats. We need both gone. We are close to achieving that.

Anonymous said...

"We replaced the Nats with black Nats. We need both gone. We are close to achieving that."

Do you really think so?

How do you 'unteach' all the hate that has been ingrained into black consciousness by years of ANC 'Kill the Boer' chanting?


@ Doberman

Let's judge people rather by what they do rather by what they say. Let's than look at the results of this deeds ( or omissions ).
Regarding the hands off approach that seemingly all educated people
prefere : This is exatly what enables the savage element to rule over the silent moderates. Don't for a moment believe that I ever endorsed the Nats and many of their hopeless ways. I am fully aware that I sound like a disgruntled person.
I do believe that by sounding any different I could be conceived to tolerate the destruction of South Africa by the ANC.
Let's just say that some bad stuff happened to me in South Africa and ALL of it originated from blacks. By deliberatly ignoring this reality I would compete perhaps with the Amy Biel family mindset. What we need to realise is that the ANC is representative of most blacks - just as the Nats were representative of most whites. So maybe the question should be : Does South Africa really deserve better ?