Thursday, November 27, 2008

A fool and his money are soon parted

More than R100 000 was stolen from an international investor less than an hour after he arrived in the city [Durban] on his first visit.

The Pakistani man - who spoke on condition of anonymity because of safety concerns - arrived at his cousin's upmarket flat on the Point on Friday and dropped off his luggage before heading to a mosque to pray.

"When we returned to the flat a little while later, R140 000 in cash and other valuables were missing from my suitcase, which I had locked in the cupboard. After the money was taken, my clothes were replaced neatly, and my credit cards were not taken," he said.

The block of flats has security guards stationed at both entrances and there are cameras.

The investor also claimed that the "behaviour of police officers in this country" had surprised him because they had not arrived to take fingerprints five days after the robbery had taken place.

The purpose of his visit was to secure properties for various business ventures but he said that the robbery has made him rethink his decision.

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Good advice: Rethink long and hard ! In the end it will all turn into sh.t.....