Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Evidence of a world gone mad

You crash into someone, have a 'tiff' as they say, you pull out the 'weepon', you shoot the other bloke sommer dood, and then...you shoot yourself?


Officers die in road rage tiff.

In what appeared to be a road rage incident on Monday, a Harding police officer shot and killed a colleague before turning the gun on himself, also with fatal consequences.

The shootings apparently took place after the officers' cars were involved in a collision, said police Superintendent Zandra Wiid.

Both officers, who were constables, were stationed at the Harding police station.

"One officer, who was off-duty, was driving his private vehicle and the other was in a police vehicle.

"The two vehicles collided at an intersection in Harding at around 6am. After the crash, the officers got out of the vehicles and an argument broke out.

"The on-duty policeman then took out his service pistol and fired shots at the other officer. He then shot and killed himself. Both were declared dead at the scene."

Wiid said the circumstances surrounding the incident were being investigated.

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