Sunday, November 23, 2008

Even more punishment?

Being a white in a SA prison reminds me of the movie Midnight Express. It really is horrifying. And these youngsters - shows that prison SA style should be avoided at all costs. If you are a white SAn, make sure you carry a lawyer's details with you at all times!

Two of the Waterkloof Four - Reinach Tiedt and Gert van Schalkwyk - have been moved from Pretoria Central Prison to the maximum security facility C-Max. It is understood that the two, who are serving a 12-year jail sentence for murdering an unidentified man and assaulting another, had been earmarked to be moved to Zonderwater Prison near Cullinan. They were already packed and ready to go, when they were instead moved to C-Max on Thursday morning.

It is also alleged that they have nothing with them, except a Bible. C-Max houses highly dangerous criminals some of whom pose a flight risk, such as Ananias Mathe. Tiedt and Van Schalkwyk are the only two of the group of four who were moved to C-Max.

Frikkie du Preez and Christoff Becker remain in Pretoria Central Prison. National Correctional Services spokesperson Manelisi Wolela confirmed on Friday that the two have been moved because of "renovations".

"It is all offenders who are being moved. We as a department are concerned about why we are only being asked about these white offenders who are being affected and not all offenders," Wolela said.

It is also believed that they have to take a shower while being shackled. Asked about the other offenders who were affected by the move, which areas of Pretoria Central Prison were undergoing renovations, what renovations were being conducted and when the revamp would be completed, Manelisi declined to comment.

"I cannot divulge the number of offenders being moved or what work is being done," he said. According to a Correctional Services source in C-Max prison, Tiedt and Van Schalkwyk are being locked up for 23 hours a day in single cells.

It is also alleged that they have nothing with them, except a Bible. The source also told the Pretoria News that the two did not even have toiletries or underwear.

Other allegations include that the two are shocked with a prodder if they speak for too long on the telephone or exceeded their five minute shower time. It is also believed that they have to take a shower while being shackled. The source said "the boys do not look good" and added that they have to sit in dark cells without bulbs. Family members are believed to be frantic with worry, although they declined to comment to the media yesterday on the move.

Wolela could not be reached to comment on these allegations. The duo's lawyer, Oeloff de Meyer, said he understood that they were moved due to renovations at the section where they were locked up before.

"It cannot be because they are being punished, as they did not do anything wrong," De Meyer said. He said he did not know for how long they would remain in C-Max or if they were being tortured.

"If it comes to my attention that they are being treated any differently from what prisoners outside C-Max are being treated, I will on Monday go to the prison myself and 'sort it out'," he said.

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