Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eish! Hau! We made beeeg mestake!

Hehe!! Those SBG at Jhb International airport probably couldn't believe their eyes when the "cocaine" was being brought in so openly, so they immediately nailed the shipment!!

Johannesburg - She don't lie, she don't lie... well, yes she does every now and then, but she still manages to get herself bust by the customs and embarrass the punters.

Officials at Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport have impounded the first cargo of an American energy soft drink called Cocaine, the drink's distributors said on Friday.

As a result, "Cocaine's" first South African launch in Durban this weekend has been halted. Wayne Sardinha, managing director of 2xM Beverages, said the cargo "has all its papers in order and we have been told it's being inspected simply due to its name".

"We expect the cargo to be released by Monday... We do apologise to those that were attending the launch in Durban."

"Cocaine's" caffeine content is said to be high - 280mg, a reputed 350% more than the local market leader.

Besides the United States, the drink is also being sold in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Europe.

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