Tuesday, November 25, 2008

E-Day may be March 25

Clear your 'in' tray, clear your schedules, make sure you are around on March 25 to cast your vote. It seems that may be the day. The ANC hopes that by having it early COPE won't have enough time to establish itself. Who says they are worried about COPE huh?

But then again, having it early is good because the people are still pissed at the ANC whereas tempers may have cooled off by mid year. It's a win:win situation - for a change - PROVIDED you guys show up and vote..pppleeeez


The ANC may seek elections as early as March 25, making it hard for a breakaway party to establish itself before the vote.

"We looked into a range of Wednesdays from March 25 to May 6,'' ANC Secretary-General Mantashe told reporters in Johannesburg, following a meeting of the party's 86-member national executive committee. "March 25 is a good day. The following week is also good. The other days fall within the Easter weekend and school holidays. In our analysis, they wouldn't be good for elections.''

Jacob Zuma, 66, ousted Thabo Mbeki as ANC leader in December and is the party's presidential candidate for elections to be held by mid-July. The ANC forced Mbeki to step down as the nation's president in September, and temporarily replaced him with its deputy leader, Kgalema Motlanthe.

Former Defense Minister Mosiuoa Lekota, Mbhazima Shilowa, the ex-premier of the central Gauteng province, and several other senior ANC officials quit the ruling party in protest at Mbeki's axing, and intend to create a new party, Congress of the People, on Dec. 16.

The ANC, which has ruled since all-race elections in 1994, won almost 70 percent of the vote in the last election in 2004. Campaigning for the next elections, which must take place by mid- July, is already under way.

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