Friday, November 28, 2008

All it takes are a few good men… and an idea

I have often wondered why Whites in South Africa, and in particular, Afrikaners, do not have independence yet. I mean, the right to self-determination for minorities is provided for in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. According to their guidelines, Afrikaners and/or Boers can definitely be classified as indigenous to South Africa and therefore has the right to self-determination.

Furthermore, in our constitution in Chapter 14, Regulation 235. It states:

The right of the South African people as a whole to self-determination, as manifested in this Constitution, does not preclude, within the framework of this right, recognition of the notion of the right of self-determination of any community sharing a common cultural and language heritage, within a territorial entity in the Republic or in any other way, determined by national legislation.“

Why have Whites not exercised this right yet?

Many say it is, because Whites simply are not united on this issue and I tend to agree, but what does “united” mean? If 70% of Whites want self-determination, would that be enough to have a country of our own? What are the criteria necessary for self-determination? Must 100% of Whites agree on it; 51%, two thirds, or what?

Now the constitution states that self-determination can be granted to a,

“…community sharing a common cultural and language heritage, within a territorial entity in the Republic or in any other way, determined by national legislation.”

So let us analyze that:

We must share a common cultural and language heritage (not race). Whites in South Africa do not share a common cultural and language heritage. White Afrikaans and English speakers might be very similar, but according to the constitution, they will have to apply for self-determination on their own cultural and language grounds. Not to mention the Whites from Portuguese, Italian, Greek, German or French backgrounds.

Next up is the question of where this self-determined country should be, the so called, “territorial entity in the Republic”. Some Whites have picked Orania already; some say the old Boer Republics of the Free State and the ZAR (Transvaal). Personally I believe the Cape Province south of the Orange River and West of the Fish River is politically obtainable, historically and morally justifiable, and militarily defendable. It is also economically strategic, being by the sea, but unless Whites agree on this area or ANY area, no self-determination will be obtained.

So does the last part, “or in any other way, determined by national legislation”, give us an idea of how to get round this issue of race? Well, I suppose it could, but it will have to be nationally legislated. In other words, approved by a majority Black Parliament. Good luck with that.

As far as regulation two about the “Supremacy of the Constitution” is concerned it states: “…law or conduct inconsistent with it is invalid”.

So in other words, one part of the constitution cannot be used to contradict another part. We need to be able to satisfy all the criteria of non-racialism, non-sexism, etc before we can even think along the lines of self-determination for Whites.

Should we then rather give up and leave South Africa? Well, that would obviously be the best option if you are White and unhappy to live in a crime infested, corrupt, Communist hellhole.

Is regulation 235 of the constitution only written in there as an unobtainable, unrealistic dream for Whites? What will it take to obtain self-determination? Can we ever make it reality?

The problem that we have in South Africa is that none of the major political parties, intelligentsia or cultural organisations supports a White homeland. There are more than fifty so called Afrikaner organisations, and some of them like the Afrikanerbond and Solidarity, are made up of heavyweight intelligentsia, yet none of these organisations claims to speak for, or on behalf of the Afrikaners and none of them support a homeland for the Afrikaners. They all believe that Afrikaners should find their niche in the New South Africa. The truth is that Afrikaners and other Whites are finding their niches in Australia, England and Europe simply, because the ANC/Communist regime creates policies of legislated discrimination against them and does nothing about horrific, violent crime against Whites that would in any normal society be seen as genocide.

I would suggest they start by assembling a task team made up of top White intelligentsia from many fields, who are SERIOUS about a White homeland, a few like-minded good men. Their ranks should include, but not be limited to, Lawyers, Historians, Journalists, Economists, Business people, Military Defence experts, Politicians, Linguists, Religious leaders, Scientists, Public Relations officials, etc. About 20 experts in total would be enough. They should elect their most charismatic leader and then aggressively pursue their goal of self-determination for Whites.

Next up would be an official, independent survey amongst Whites to see how many really want self-determination. Determine why they want it or why not. Based on this, a case can be built that would be legally, morally and historically justified. A new constitution and declaration of independence will have to be drawn up. A lot of work lies ahead.

In the meantime the training of a defence force should also commence in case of reprisal or intimidation attacks so often used by Marxist terrorists against White farmers and residents. They will eventually form the basis of the new Military and Police forces of the new Homeland.

Once the people start seeing a definitive drive from the top to pursue this goal, they will support it. People need to be clearly shown what they stand to gain by seeking self-determination and what they stand to lose by living under Communist oppression for much longer. People should have one common goal; a united and free country for the Whites of Africa, a Heimat for the destitute and persecuted from Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.

The time has come for Whites in South Africa to shake of the shackles of the past and start working towards a new dispensation that will ensure our continued survival on an otherwise hostile continent. It is up to us and us alone, because the world has turned their backs on us.

Most of the time I endure the scoffing and the mocking, but I firmly believe that Whites in South Africa can obtain self-determination. It starts with a dream, an idea shared by a few good men. It starts with you and me. Every time I close my eyes, I see a Free Republic for the Whites of Africa. In my heart are songs and poems of freedom. I believe that we can build a new country, a beacon of light at the tip of the continent that will forever shine as a testimony to who we are and what our ancestors brought to Africa. We might be down now, but we can be magnificent again. I believe nothing is impossible. If enough people believe it, we will be free and we will prosper as never before.

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Anonymous said...

Here's an idea:
to allow us to get the whole Cape as a seperate country why not have numerous groups EACH "sharing a common cultural and language", EACH claim their own part of the Cape!?

Griquas have a Calvinistic culture and share Afrikaans Language... they get the area North of Orange west of the NW Province.
Anglo-africans get from PE to Fish River and up to Gariep Dam based on their shared mother tongue English and their Anglican Religion.
Namas get Namaqualand - pretty much have it anyway.
Boer-africans get area from Mosselbaai to Gamtoos River (or maybe to PE which they could share with Anglos) and north to Orange River, incl. eastern half of Klein Karoo, based on shared Afrikaans Language.
Cape Malays small area of Northern Peninsula.
And finally Hottentots get Southern Cape from H/H mountains up to Mossel Bay and north to include western half of Klein Karoo, where they lived originally anyway.
The Groot Karoo and Cape Town and Cape flats north to Saldanha Bay and east to H/H mountains (Gordons Bay) could be cosmopolitan Cape.

This way each group is claiming an area as allowed by the Constitution
whilst simultaneously freeing all of these Nations from Bantu Colonialism!

Common Sense

Anonymous said...

“…community sharing a common cultural and language heritage, within a territorial entity in the Republic or in any other way, determined by national legislation.”

The last few words opens up the idea even further in that it makes the definition even broader.

I would interpret the "by national legislation" as being the definition of race. Therefore a white minority would be able to live together based on their history and common language, however it may also be determined by national legislation in that they have been classified by the government as being white. Race groups are nationally legislated already.

In my view the person who drafted that purposefully left the 'gate open' as you cannot as an example define a 'coloured' because of their mixed heritage. Much so for the whites. You can however group them as a race supported by their common language and history.

Anonymous said...

Hadn't thought of that.
National legislation has indeed deemed us a "seperate group based purely on our ethnicity" as with the so-called "colourds" and "Indians" allowing ONLY Nigro people the title "African"... we see it everyday, and "whites" have fallen into the trap of calling ONLY Nigroes "African"... I NEVER refer to them as such, as it gives them a right to the entire continent of Africa!

Common Sense