Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Donkey passed matric at 21!

When Donkey's matric results became public, I commented on the fact that someone with a bunch of Es, Gs, F, H etc could actually obtain university exemption - and that said more about Unisa than Donkey.

Apparently Donkey didn't actually study for a law degree. Unisa is attempting to distance itself from Donkey, understandably. I suppose being allied to a dufus like Donkey would ruin their reputation.

- - -

Unisa denied that that the good comrade Julius ever studied for a law degree at the esteemed establishment.

Spokeswoman Doreen Gough said the institutions had no record of Malema’s admission for any degree studies, the Sapa news agency reported.

“He was in fact registered in Unisa’s access or non-formal programmes and has not made any further progress.”

Unisa was responding to a report in The Star on Friday, which published a copy of his matric certificate and indicated that he had “successfully registered” for a part-time law degree at the university.

According to the certificate, Malema matriculated at the age of 21, scraping through with an H for Mathematics and a G for Woodworking, both on the standard grade. He got Es for Sepedi and Afrikaans, both on higher grade, an F in Geography, a D in History and a C in second language English, all on the higher grade.

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