Wednesday, October 08, 2008

And yet another criminal becomes police chief

How can we possibly begin to address crime in this country when we have a criminal police commissioner, and an endless string of criminal police chiefs and deputies?

The very people and institutions that are there to protect us from this crime onslaught are too often the very reason for this crime tsunami.

There will be no respite until we have purged our police forces from these criminals, thugs and gangsters.

As long as these affirmative action appointments continue, the best qualified people will not be in any positions to make a difference and the police forces will keep setting the example that criminality in this country, does pay.

After 14 years of discrimination and nepotism, there is however not that many dedicated well-trained professionals still hanging around to see if there may be any career advancement opportunities in the next decade.

McBride's pal gets his job

When Robert McBride was placed on special leave, Ekurhuleni's deputy city manager, Mkhabela Sibeko, filled his shoes.

Now, Sibeko has been suspended and a man closely associated with McBride has taken up the top job. The latest suspension, which follows McBride being fired a fortnight ago, has opened the door for Ash Budhoo to rise to the post of acting chief of police.
On Tuesday, Ekurhuleni's head of community safety, Aubrey Nxumalo, confirmed the development, but refused to comment on the controversies surrounding Budhoo.
"I've known him for 82 days," said Nxumalo, who joined the metro less than three months ago.

During McBride's drunk-driving trial, the state revealed that Budhoo was among a list of people still to be prosecuted.

The doctor who allegedly falsified McBride's medical report, senior officer Trish Armstrong and Rudi Degenaar are the others. So far, the doctor, Joseph Moratioa, and Degenaar have been charged.

"The prosecutions of Armstrong and Bhoodoo (sic) are held in abeyance principally because of manpower constraints," Petronel du Plessis said in papers filed in May.

"Instructions to finalise the investigations have been issued to the (police) investigating officer"
Budhoo, along with McBride and Armstrong, also has a protection order against him granted to the three officers who turned on McBride after his car crash.

Ekurhuleni's city manager, Patrick Flusk, released a statement on Tuesday confirming Sibeko's suspension on Friday.

Sibeko is to receive full pay while on suspension, and the investigation against him is due to last at least three weeks.

"Unfortunately, no further information on the suspension can be divulged at this stage," Flusk said.

It is believed that the suspension follows a bungled purchase of 300 bulletproof vests for the Ekurhuleni metro police department.

The company that supplied the vests was run by Sibeko's son and former mayor Duma Nkosi's daughter and a friend.

The price was allegedly inflated by more than R600 000, pushing it to over R1-million.

Sibeko has maintained that everything was done by the book.

On Tuesday, Nxumalo confirmed that each and every one of the vests was being recalled and would be sent back for tests - again.

He said the tests done initially were inconclusive because too small a sample group was used.

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Just like in the sewage system :
The biggest turds always rise to the top.