Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ANCYL 'to smash' splinter group

Hmm, things between the two ANC factions appear to be ratcheting up a bit. Sit back, break out the popcorn and beer and enjoy the show. Isn't this fun? Honey, where's the remote..!

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The Limpopo ANC Youth League will do "everything in its power to smash" the formation of any party formed in support of ousted president Thabo Mbeki, it announced.

"Rumours [have] been doing the rounds that the launching pad for this party called the 'ANC Activist Forum' will be our province, Limpopo," said acting provincial secretary Goodman Mitileni.

According to Mitileni there was an African National Congress Activist Forum which would be a splinter group from the ANC, as a result of the sacking of Thabo Mbeki as president.

"We wish to state categorically that as the ANCYL in Limpopo we will do everything in our power to smash such a reactionary formation whose aim is to pursue selfish interests by individuals who could not serve the people of our country with diligence."

Mitileni said the members who were said to be behind the idea contended that the decision of the ANC National Executive Committee to recall Mbeki was not well informed and that they were sympathising with him.

He commended the ministers who heeded ANC president Jacob Zuma's request for them to stay in Cabinet and continue to serve the country in line with the 2004 election manifesto.

"We remain convinced that if at all this party will be formed it will be doomed like the PAC and UDM formed before them."

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