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White SA family chased by police chopper, arrested for non-existent murder

Two black children accuse an Afrikaner dad of 'buying stolen goods' next to a road-side, and then this happens...

VIRGINIA, Free State, South Africa. September 26 2008 - Afrikaner dad Frans van Sittert, 53, his son Jean, 16 and his girlfriend Michelle Cloete were chased by a police helicopter, arrested by a large armed police task force which threatened to kick in the boy's ribcage, and subjected to a violent arrest by more than two dozen police officers while travelling from Bloemfontein to their home in Virginia, Free State.
The three were then held at the Bloemfontein police station and told they 'd been arrested for 'murder and robbery'...the teenaged boy's clothing was even subjected to a forensic search for blood-stains.

In this deeply mysterious incident - which has everything to do with the way in which adults encourage black children in South Africa to report everything whites do to the local police or community leaders -- the unarmed Afrikaner man and the teenagers were aggressively hunted down by a police chopper, brutally arrested by a large group of armed cops, the boy was kicked and threatened that they would kick in his rib-cage -- and then the three were taken to the Bloemfontein police station.


There they were merely told that they had been arrested for what then turned out to be a non-existent 'murder and robbery'. That's how the Van Sittert boy celebrated his 16th birthday. And to add even more insult to this deeply traumatic experience, the police have yet to formally apologise...

Bought window-frames from a hungry man next to the road...
This was the terrifying ordeal which confronted Van Sittert when he was returning from the provincial capital of Bloemfontein where he had just obtained the documents for his new bakkie, travelling with his son and the boy's girlfriend.
"Along the road we came across a man who was selling window-frames because his wife and kids didn't have food. So I bought the three frames from him,' said Van Sittert.

Are black kids told to write down everything white people do?
Mr Van Sittert didn't know however that two nearby black school-children had noted down this entire totally innocent transaction; had written down Van Sittert' bakkie-registration number and had then rushed to the local police to tell them that 'the white man driving this vehicle had bought stolen goods'.

This is not the first time such incidents have been noticed: black teachers have also been caught asking their pupils to write down every move made by white local farmers - they'd even given them a special form for reporting this.
The Van Sitterts and the girl had all noticed a police helicopter circling the area around Brandfort - but because this road was under construction, the dad had been concentrating too hard on trying to avoid the road-construction workers and hadn't paid much attention to the chopper. The children were chatting while watching it circling.

"The next minute there was just dust and flying stones all around us and armed men rushing towards our vehicle,' said Van Sittert. The helicopter had landed in a plowed field next to the road and armed men were rushing towards them, the children were shouting at him.

He stopped the bakkie at once -- and was immediately surrounded by a large number of cops, who ordered the three Afrikaners to get out of the bakkie at gunpoint. The children were physically dragged from the car and ordered to lie flat down on the tarmac - but the girl was then ordered by the male cops to go and sit in front of the bakkie and her hands were tied up with cable.

"I will kick in your rib-cage,' said the cop to the boy:
"There were about six to eight men all pointing their guns at us. Jean at once point moved his arm and one cop kicked him hard and told him that if he moved again, he'd kick in his rib-cage'. "Suddenly police cars came storming from all directions. Then we were handcuffed. We were then told that we were arrested, charged with murder and armed robbery.'

How to register a formal complaint against the SAPS:

The three terrified Afrikaners said the entire arrest experience was dreadfully confusing and traumatising: they found themselves abused, kicked around and cursed amidst 'tremendous confusion, one lane of the road was closed down, vehicles everywhere, noisy police cars, flashing blue lights and a loud police helicopter idling in a field next to the road.'

"We then were taken all the way to the police headquarters in Andries Pretoria in Bloemfontein, in three seperate vehicles. (note: the SAPS crime-records do not list the Bloemfontein police station crime records.

Search for blood on the boy's clothing without any cause...
"One policeman was ordered to search for blood on Jean's clothing, but found nothing of course.They were not allowed to speak to each other. After sitting there for a while, a detective showed up, telling them they could phone their families now and talk to each other.

They were never warned of their rights while they were told that they were under arrest. They were not allowed to phone a lawyer, either - and the minor children also were not questioned with their parents present, as is required under SA law.

There wásn't any murder....
They then suddenly heard the detective tell the arresting police officers: "What have you done? There wasn't any murder, it was a freak accident'.

The confused Van Sittert and the Cloete girl were then suddenly told to leave the police station without any further explanations, with the cops still refusing to return the bakkie - and the deeply embarrassed detective instead took them to a guest house where they however, had to pay for their own lodgings...

Van Sittert said the kind detective did help him get medicines for his chronic medical condition. They were only given back the bakkie next day and drove home from the Bloemfontein police station in a totally confused state.

Bunch of clowns...
"It was my son's birthday, and one of the police officers congratulated him and said 'could he forgive them for what a bunch of clowns had done to us...'

Meanwhile Mrs Van Sittert back home had had a nervous collapse and needed treatment overnight when she'd heard about the terrifying ordeal her family had been put through. The Cloete girl also required trauma-treatment and was badly shaken.

Coward-cop with a firearm, kicking a child on the ground...
Van Sittert said he's already lodged a civil case against the policemen who had carried out this arrest. "I still cannot believe it. What coward-cop with a firearm kicks an unarmed child lying prostrate on the tarmac?"
Everything whites do is reported to cops:
Apparently, while Van Sittert was buying the window-frames from the destitute dad sitting along the road earlier, two local black children had written down the Afrikaner's car-number plates.They then rushed to the local police station, telling them that the Afrikaner had bought stolen goods.

See other similar incidents involving Afrikaners and cops:

The entire fiasco happened after a huge confusing story had apparently been concocted back at the Bloemfontein police station, where news had just come in that a black maid had ' died violently in the home of a white family ' -- she'd fallen against a washing machine, hitting her nose, and her nose-bone had penetrated into her brain, from which she'd died.

Nobody had caused her to fall, however for some reason no-one has yet explained, the local cops investigating the freak-accident somehow had been led to believe that the black woman had died in an armed robbery instead.

How the 'investigating police'' concerned, had then linked the Van Sittert and Ms Cloete in their bakkie to Virginia to this deadly freak-accident of a black maid in Bloemfontein, will probably remain forever a mystery.

Quite understandably, the police have not yet given an official statement. Police superintendent Susan Moseki promised they would 'react formally' later. It will be interesting to see her explanation of this chain of odd events...

And nobody at the Bloemfontein police station ever asked Van Sitters where he'd bought those window frames on his bakkie, either...,,3-975_2400094,00.html

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