Tuesday, September 23, 2008

White Liberal Guilt: Nobama

Although we are primarily concerned with Southern African affairs, we must take a great interest in events which occur in the United States of America.

It was after all John Vorster who once stated that as the US President was the leader of the free world then he was our leader also.

Furthermore it must also be remembered that although not a member of the Commonwealth nor recognising the Queen as head of state, the United States is still an integral and vital part of the English-speaking world, with those of British ethnic descent still comprising a large majority of the population (with an even higher percentage when those of kindred north-western European ethnic stock are also taken into account).

For these reasons we therefore believe that we have every right to comment about the forthcoming US Presidential election, and to lobby for our choice.

Ever since our movement was founded we have always tended to side with the Republican (GOP) candidate, and this year is no exception. The 2008 poll, however, is undoubtedly more vital than ever, for three very essential reasons.

Firstly John McCain, with his proven track record both in the theatre of war and in congress, is superbly qualified to become leader of the free world. We identified him as the best and most likely next President as far back as mid-2007, and nothing has made us change our minds since.

Like George W. Bush he is a strong Anglophile, and has been a steadfast supporter of the War against Terror - indeed he was one of the earliest advocates of the highly effective Surge in Iraq.

He is therefore a man who we can all have full confidence in to defend the West in these current most dangerous times. Secondly his opponent, Barack Hussein Obama, is probably the most disturbing potential President imaginable.

His "exotic" origins (rumoured to be even more "exotic" than he admits) must surely make him uniquely unqualified to become leader of the Western World. To be put bluntly, the idea of Obama becoming US President is too ghastly to contemplate, and could herald the end of Western civilisation as we know it.

Thirdly all the opinion polls indicate that the election outcome is going to be very tight. Although it would seem inconceivable that any American citizen of European descent would ever wish to vote for the son of a Kenyan goat-herdsman educated at an Indonesian madrassa as their country's leader, there alas appear to be millions of White American's who are so infected by
liberal race-guilt that they seem to have a national death-wish.

Add to this the current economic crisis effecting the United States - which is widely, and perhaps not entirely without foundation, blamed upon the current GOP administration - and it can be seen that the result in November is no longer by any means certain.

We know that many who supported other candidates in the GOP primaries still regard John McCain with some suspicion and believe that he is not conservative enough for their liking. We know also that others are unconvinced by his choice of VP running-mate, Sarah Palin, particularly because of her apparent support for the teaching of the antediluvian theory of creationism in schools.

We would ask all these doubters to put such minor disagreements behind them in November however. It will be a straight-forward choice between a genuine American hero and patriot and somebody embodying a completely alien culture. It will not only be the United States as a nation which will be at stake. It will be the entire Western World.

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