Friday, September 26, 2008

When in Aus, do like Africans do

My wife received this email today and it seemed like one of those usual chain emails warning people of this and that and normally she reads the first few lines and presses delete. However, this one came from someone she knows and thought she'd read what 'terrible event' had befallen someone in the peaceful land of Oz.

I mean, compared to 'real' crime like we have in South Africa, these people wouldn't know crime if it shook hands with them.

So she read on and surprise, surprise, it eventually read.."I put my hand on the door to push it back and found myself confronted by a tall muscular black African man in his mid twenties." Glad to see our African friend brought his skills with him. That's the first item.

Secondly, read how this 'event' so traumatised this person that he/she expects to experience "
..nightmares and cold sweats for the next 6 months or so..". I don't mean to play down this person's experience but really.."nightmares and cold sweats..for six months?" He/she wasn't touched. What would he/she do if they had been attacked, raped, hijacked, held up or just spent a week in SA fearing for their lives every day?

Thirdly, he/she dialled 000 and "the police turned up a few minutes later?"

We do live in different dimensions don't we?

Something happened to me on Thursday 1pm last week and I completely forgot to warn all my friends who live in the district to be careful. Would you please forward this e-mail on for me?

Last Thursday I'd just finished speaking to one of my neighbours who was going away for a few days, collected the mail, and I went inside to make myself a sandwich.

My Great Dane was with me, but I put the gate across the entrance of the rumpus room as I don't like having a dog that size hovering around when I'm preparing food. I noticed her rush out on to the verandah and then rush back in. I told her to settle down and put on the kettle to make a up of tea. I heard a door creak and cursed the internal laundry-door which often slams when there's a breeze as it has a broken catch at the bottom (one of the many things I have to fix).

I went to shut the door but found that it wasn't the culprit and then noticed that the door to the back room was half open. Now I usually have that door completely open and pushed right back into its catch. I put my hand on the door to push it back and found myself confronted by a tall muscular black African man in his mid twenties.

I cannot describe on paper the shock I received. So much goes on in one's mind in a few seconds. There was no point in calling my dog as she couldn't come to my aid. All I thought of doing was screaming at the intruder and hoping that my darling Saskia would realise that I was upset and that she would then carry on - which she did.

I just screamed at the man and stepped backwards, and went to the laundry to get out of the house as quickly as I could. All the time I kept on screaming "You bastard, you bastard". He raced across and went out through the bathroom window which was obviously how he got in. He raced past me and vaulted over the 4'6" side fence and ran down the road. I screamed after him until he was out of site and then I called 000. The police turned up a few minutes later.

I'll try and keep this short - apparently by screaming at the man (who was as silent as the grave) I did the right thing. The policewoman found later that a woman down the road saw him get into a silver Jazz [number provided]. It was found that the vehicle was stolen and no doubt it has been dumped by now - maybe not.

Ladies, please be vigilant and lock your windows and doors when you are out in the garden. Fortunately nothing was taken, (if that was his intent) and I was not harmed.
However, I almost lost consciousness last Saturday morning whilst getting ready to make morning tea. I checked my blood pressure and found it going up and down like a yoyo.

Seeing as I was no better on Monday, my sister took me to see the doctor and he explained that this is a normal reaction after such a severe shock and that I will probably be having these symptoms incl. nighmares and cold sweats for the next 6 months or so...easing as time goes on.

Ladies, I am not telling you this to receive sympathy; on the contrary - I'm just warning you as I would hate for anything like this to happen to anyone else, especially my friends.

God bless and keep safe [name provided]

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Anonymous said...

Bang goes the neighborhood.No matter which Suburb, city,country,or continent they find themselves. The result is always the same. Why work 8 hours a day when you can earn more in 10 minutes by stealing.

Anonymous said...

A short while ago I had some visa issues to attend to and went to the immigration office in one of the larger cities in Australia. I was in for a rude awakening. Saw some black Africans that seemingly got their permanent residence visa. I remember thinking that most of this guys will cost Australia big time one way or another. Australia has an excellent system of gathering and distributing informations on this level and I wondered why they do not act in the obvious interest of their country.