Thursday, September 25, 2008

Students set fire to residence

Just the other day we posted about rioting kids burning schools (they start young in South Africa) and I have repeatedly remarked about the fascination black South Africans seem to have with fire. If their demands aren't met, out come emetches and things go up in flames.

Maybe it is their newfound access to whitey's technology of lighters and matches that bring out the dier in them and that made things easier to burn because hey, rubbing two sticks together kinda takes the spontaneity out of the burnin' thang.

"They also shattered windows and tried to petrol bomb an automated teller machine at the campus, but did not succeed".
What happened to just picketing with signboards?

Now, consider this: these are varsity 'students', supposedly slightly more intelligent than your average street-cleaning toyi-toying Joe in his overalls during a municipal strike kicking over dustbins. These are the future managers and leaders of enterprise - burning down the dorms.

What does it say about these people? Not much except that they are barbaric, primal and certainly not worthy of the State investing in them with our tax money.

The future looks fiery (pun intended) if these are tomorrow's leaders but then again, quotas are the criteria for admitting some of these people so it goes to reason that maybe a lot of 'street cleaners' have probably been thrown in among the mix in a forum where they do not belong.

PS: Btw, street cleaning is a noble, honest and dignified profession. The example is used to explain the level of intelligence that university students are expected to demonstrate as opposed to people who require mainly manual labour to do their jobs. I have more respect for a street cleaner than I do for a lawyer, for example.

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Johannesburg - Forty-nine students were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly setting fire to one of the residences at the Mafikeng Campus of the North West University, police said.

"Firefighters were called but the students started throwing stones at them while they tried to contain the fire," said spokesperson Superintendent Lesego Metsi. Police used rubber bullets to disperse them and they ran to their hostel rooms.

Security guards at the university went to their rooms to arrest them. Four students were injured in the process and taken to hospital for treatment. They were discharged and arrested together with 45 others. All were charged with malicious damage to property and arson.

Meanwhile the SABC reported that all residences on the campus had been closed and students were asked to leave. More than 2 000 lived on the campus. Students want vice chancellor Dan Mofokeng to resign, claiming he is incompetent.

On Tuesday two students were arrested after they allegedly set fire to a computer lab and the administration building at the university.

"They also shattered windows and tried to petrol bomb an automated teller machine at the campus, but did not succeed," said Metsi.

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