Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poll result: Scatterlings

Our traffic map (which I will upload onto the blog eventually ;o) shows our readers hail from places like east Russia to the bottom of Chile, from northwest Canada to the islands in the South Pacific.

While I expect most are expats/exiles which I like to term the "scatterlings" of South Africa, some of the emails I receive are also from foreigners wanting to know more about South Africa. For instance, someone in Russia contacted me who happened to spend a few months in SA as a student many years ago and wants to keep abreast of events in SA.

While the "scatterlings", all one million plus, many forced out due to crime and other bad ANC policies, have moved away from SA, most will concede that their hearts and minds remain in SA. Their blood is green.

Many also leave behind family and friends, a cause for concern. The latest political events are not helpful and it is impossible to gauge the mood of the people from the news snippets. The local newspapers also cover very little news from SA so blogs like ours are the only source of collated information.

We try to be more than a rage blog. We try to be informative. We try to include all viewpoints and we do not shirk away from telling it like it is. We also try not to be overly negative because we want the country to be a success however watching the events of the last week unfolding, it is hard to stay optimistic. We won't call a toad a frog and we will not hide the truth.

What we want to say to you is this: those of you in South Africa must know that you have not been abandoned, that you remain in most expats/exiles' thoughts every day and that we are doing what we can to help you. We believe highlighting the corrupt shenanigans of the ruling elite will keep them on their toes and the population alert. Silence is their friend.

We care about South Africa and its people and we want South Africa to fulfil its potential and be the success it was meant to be. Our belief is that it can only be achieved if the ANC which is a party interested only in its survival is removed.

You are not alone.

A luta continua!

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Censorbugbear said...

Well put, thank you. I published a warning on my blog today warning that Zakumi is lying - that South Africa is just far too dangerous to visit - to stay away. I added a list of recent events where tourists had been targetted, with links, pictures etc. When I started writing this list, I couldn't believe how long it was getting! I had to edit it somewhat. But it presents a chilling picture of the ferocity of life in South Africa. The locals are finely-honed to detect every warning signal, some are better at it than others, but most South Africans have become extremely crime-conscious and have developed a powerful survival ability -- but can you imagine dumping tens of thousands of hapless tourists into this volatile mix?

If South Africa's name was shit before, just think what it will be once they start sending the FIFA-tourists back in body bags, or people have to go home and deal with the trauma of gang-rape and the aftereffects of having been mauled by HIV-infected, ferocious, gun-toting criminals. Will the news media still be quiet then?