Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poisoned dogs 'mean you're next'

Be alert.

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Six dogs have been poisoned in less than six weeks
on a smallholding near Tarlton on the West Rand. Four were poisoned on August 15 and the other two were presumably poisoned early on Wednesday morning.

"If they start killing your animals, your house is a target and you are next," said Jeanie Viljoen, owner of AMPM tow-truck service.

She rents the smallholding, about 6km outside Tarlton on the R24 between Krugersdorp and Magaliesburg, but said she now feels she's been forced to move back to town.

Her grandson, Gideon Niewoudt, 18, wanted to cool down in a dam on the smallholding on Wednesday when he found the two dead dogs, Husky crosses Zander and Lana, floating on the water.

The family believed the agricultural poison aldikarb, also known as "Two-step", was used.

Eight arrested
At 02:00 on Wednesday morning, Viljoen's son Juan, 21, had found a group of men at a storeroom on the smallholding, and chased them away in his bakkie.

There had been two burglaries at two different storerooms over the last four months. Electrical equipment worth R100 000 had been stolen.

Viljoen said police rounded up eight foreigners in the area and made enquiries with residents about theft.

Krugersdorp police station spokesperson Captain Jacob Raboroko said a case of malicious injury to property had been opened. He could not confirm the arrest of eight men.

"There are currently only allegations that the dogs were poisoned. If people bring us proof that the dogs were indeed poisoned, then we will investigate the case as required."

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