Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain Is Right

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Anonymous said...

Playing this little clip is not putting the debate into context. What Obama showed was a willingness to concede that McCain is right on some particular points. I listened to the debate on radio and then watched on TV, it seemed several times McCain had nothing to fall back on other than that he has had years of experience in Washington.

Anonymous said...

I watched the debate as well. I found McCain by far outscored Obama on substance especially on foreign matters whereas Obama perhaps got the upper hand on economic issues altho his comments sounded like his usual teleprompter soundbites and also as if McCain was responsible for the economic crisis when indeed in 2005(?) McCain warned that both Freddie and Fannie were out of control and it was the Dems (under Barney Frank) that shouted him and Bush down. That's the context.

I'm in the McCain camp because despite the economic woes which the American people can sustain as they always have, the foreign issues with a nuclear Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine/Israel, Venezuela and North Korea will come to the fore in the next presidency which Obama CANNOT handle never mind gaffe-a-day Biden.

This is an issue the American can't handle and must be left to a fairminded, experienced man like McCain to handle. Obama is still young and he is perhaps good for 2012 but he is not ready to lead now.