Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Man freaks out at cops

This is a day or so late but needs posting. Dealing with the police in the New! Improved! South Africa!™ at the best of times is a trying experience but under duress, it is understandable for someone to freak out.

The cops are under-manned and overwhelmed but still, you'd think they could differentiate between priority situations and taking a statement about a bumper bashing.

Anyone who has visited a police station will tell you about the indifference of the officers. It is perhaps time that they learnt that SAPS stands for SA Police SERVICE.

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Attack victim reaches breaking point - shoots dead police inspector, Randfontein

An unnamed man of Toekomsrus who had been phoning the Randfontein police's statellite station in desperate attempts to report an attack at his home, apparently has snapped.

The assault victim apparently walked into the police station and shot dead a police inspector, 40, while the hapless cop had been dealing with a complaint-report with another member of the public.

It's clear that Randfontein's police force are kept very busy: last year's statistics showed that in the year up to March 2008, there were 88 reported violent deaths in this mining region: (48 murders+40 culpible homicides); 677 grievous assaults, 487 armed robberies, 36 carjackings and 53 armed attacks of families inside their own homes...

Police said the Toekomsrus shottist then went back to his home - where other police had meanwhile showed up to arrest him -- and had engaged in a gunfight, shooting and injuring a constable in the leg.

Police shot back and injured the Toekomsrus man. Now the constable and the shottist are both in the same hospital.

Police inspector Odette van Staden said the Toekomsrus man had apparently been phoning the police satellite station from early that morning to report an attack at his home, during which he was apparently assaulted.

"He must have snapped. When members of the Randfontein police went to his house to investigate the assault against him, his mother told us that he had already left for the Toekomsrus-satellite post to report the assault personally. When they arrived there, they found the police inspector had been shot dead, and then went back to the man's home to arrest him.'

Apparently the police inspector was shot in his shoulder, chest, head and neck. His name will be released as soon as his family have been informed.

Police superintendent Lungelo Dlamini also told Beeld that the gunman had shouted at the inspector at the satelite police station that he "urgently needed help.'

"However the inspector was busy helping another member of the public at that time, and told him to wait.

"The man then took out his gun and shot the inspector. We don't know what he was doing at the police station,' said Dlamini.

(COMMENT: Dlamini really doesn't get it, does he? Click on this link to see what it's like, trying to report a crime by phone in SA:


The shooter's 9mm, licensed handgun has been confiscated and he's under police guard at the hospital.

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Anonymous said...

Toekomsrus, for those of you who don't know, is mostly populated by middle-class 'people of colour'. It's relevant to the story because the police officers on duty there were all members of the black race. And if there's anything blacks hate more than whites, it's coloured Afrikaans-speakers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing that out, anon

Anonymous said...

Jesus, is he for real? "We don't know what he was doing at the police station,' said Dlamini"

Uh... wild guess... maybe trying to report a crime? Excellent detective work. What the fuck do people usually do at police stations? eh eh eh eh eish hau

Hi I'd like a hijacking with extra tomato sauce and a robbery with cheese to go please. Or maybe people go there to hang out with their favourite cops? Who knows why people go to police stations, fuck, it's a mystery.