Thursday, September 25, 2008

“I’m glad Mbeki’s gone” - Jimmy Carter

Ok, these comments about Mbeki is a bit rich coming from the biggest douche bag ever to occupy the Oval Office however, on Mbeki I think he is spot on.

Mbeki's claim that anti-retrovirals for mothers infected with HIV Aids was “a plot of white people against black people” tells you a lot about the warped mind of the 'intellectual' that presided over our affairs for nine years.

Maybe his ousting was not such a bad thing after all in view of the inane mentality of the man. With his denialism about crime and Aids, how many lives have been lost because of him?

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“Former US president Jimmy Carter said the closest he has ever been to a fist fight was when South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki told him that anti-retrovirals for mothers infected with HIV Aids was “a plot of white people against black people.”

Carter made this astonishing statement on Tuesday night at the Carter Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, while hosting a number of American and overseas journalists.

At the end of the meeting - “Conversations at the Carter Centre” - a regular event during which Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter host a question and answer session to which members of the Atlanta public are invited, the former Democratic Party president expressed his satisfaction that Mbeki had been ousted.

Guests of honour at the meeting were 20 past and present US, South African and Romanian journalists, who have been awarded with the Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism.

Replying to a question from the floor of what he thought of developments and leadership change in SA, Carter said: “Frankly I am glad to see him (Mbeki) gone.”

The former US president said that he had almost come to blows with Mbeki in the presence of Bill Gates Sr, father of former Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, at that stage the world’s wealthiest man, when Mbeki rejected Gates’ funds for anti-retrovirals and accused white people of using antiretrovirals to harm black people.

Carter said Mbeki, whom he told his American audience will probably be replaced by ANC president Jacob Zuma, also made a serious mistake by his support for Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.

He said Mugabe should have been deposed had it not been for Mbeki’s support.

“I think with him (Mbeki) gone, that is good…”

Carter said the agreement between Mugabe and his arch rival, Zimbabwean premier Morgan Tsvangirai seemed very fragile.

“It might be in danger…” Carter added, but he did not elaborate during the question-and-answer-session.

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Anonymous said...

Too little too late!!
Does Carter forget that he was the number one person to "push" Mugabe into power - hopefully, one day he will regret what he did to us in South Africa as well!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:34..

Exactly. A liberal has the memory of a goldfish, about three seconds. A liberal never takes responsibility for his actions. A liberal is the first to run to conservatives when the shit hits the fan.

Carter is a fuckup. Remember his deer caught in headlights attitude when the US embassy hostage crisis happened that went on for what, some 400+ days? Utterly clueless. I suppose he should have done what liberals believe is the solution to all rogue statesmen and dictators - sit down with them, drink lemonade and sing kumbaya. Yeah, that will make dictators see the error of their ways..

Carter's latest project is to support Hamas and blame Israel for all the evils of the Middle East. A true douche bag.