Saturday, September 27, 2008

ID book hunt leads to death certificate instead

Is FIFTEEN years too long to wait for an identity document?

Since 1993, David Tickie Nkosi has been attempting to obtain a green ID document. In 2003, Home Affairs even declared
him dead although he was - and is - very much alive.

As is the norm, the
guvmunt insists on hiring people that clearly cannot do their jobs. In South Africa, an identity document is essential to obtaining employment to opening bank accounts.

You may
recall the incident in December 2005 when another man
20-year-old Kabelo Thibedi snapped after patiently standing in queues for TWO and a HALF years trying to obtain his ID document. He held an official hostage with a toy gun and demanded his document. Miraculously it appeared within five hours and the incident ended without injury that evening when the police stormed the offices.

Kabelo Thibedi evoked enormous public sympathy. Even the ANC Youth League launched a Trust Fund and the Young Communist League got involved to aid Thibedi with his legal fees in recognition of the fact that the problem he was experiencing was not unique and millions of South Africans could relate to his experience. He was initially sentenced to five years imprisonment reduced to one year on appeal.

The Dept of Home Affairs has been chronically mismanaged for years and is a department crucial to the every day lives of South Africans. However, not being a 'glamour' portfolio, I doubt the ANC will give much heed to the problems facing the department.

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Nelspruit - After trying for 15 years to get an ID book, David Tickie Nkosi was declared dead instead.

Nkosi, 48, who lives in Matsulu C near Nelspruit in Mpumalanga has been applying for a green barcoded identity document since in 1993.

I'm getting older by the day and can't even open a bank account or get a job. The house my family lives in is registered in my wife's name because she's the only [one] with an ID book," he said.

The family, which includes three children, lives off the money his wife earns when she works in their neighbour's vegetable fields.

After he'd applied for his new ID book in 1993, he was told to apply for a temporary ID if he wanted to vote in the first democratic elections of 1994.

By 1998, he still did not have a proper ID book and was advised to apply for a passport, which may speed up the application of his ID book.

"To my surprise, in 2003, I received my death certificate in my postbox," he said angrily. He said he had done everything Home Affairs had asked him to do, including providing his parent's IDs and marriage certificate and baptism certificates.

"I haven't even received the passport I applied for. I suspect someone out there is playing tricks with me," he said.

Manager of the Department of Home Affairs in Mpumalanga, Robert Zitha, said there had been a problem capturing Nkosi's fingerprints.

He advised Nkosi to go directly to Nelspruit regional manager Enoch Mashiloane or office manager Johanna Molekwa for assistance.

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2 Opinion(s):

Censorbugbear said...

What's with this 'problems with finger-printing'?

That's a very old excuse indeed!

I read not to long ago that some poor woman without arms was being denied disability benefits in SA 'because they could not obtain her fingerprints'.

It's not going to get any better, is it?

Never saw a society which was dumbed down faster than South Africa's .

Anonymous said...

Well, I look at it this way nevermind the fingerprints which should be a formality.

1. They have his home address because they notified him that he was dead.

2. By notifying him that he was dead, they acknowledge that he is on the 'system' somewhere.

3. His wife has an ID document so presumably as a spouse of a SA citizen he would get automatic citizenship (if he wasn't a national) but that is moot because he is a national.

4. He has provided all the docs that they have asked for and even been told to get a passport so that means he is clear.

This is simple, mindless, inept governance. It started when Buthelezi was given the post to keep him quiet after 1994 and has never been right. Why is nobody ever fired? Why do we have people in positions that can f**k somebody around like this for 15 years?!