Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello? Amnesty International?

I decided to post this video because the truth must out even though I do not believe that the crime in South Africa qualifies strictly as genocide. Hate mail coming..4-3-2.. Let me tell you why.

I believe that blacks are responsible for 99% of crimes against whites. I believe that where victims are white, that the black criminal is more vicious and death is more likely. I believe there is an underlying hatred of whites by blacks and a sense of payback.

I believe the ANC government does not care about the plight of whites. The ANC is content to see whites killed or leave the country in droves.

I believe that the ANC is essentially a terrorist entity and has never transformed itself from a guerilla movement to a proper political party. I believe the ANC is comprised of people indoctrinated to hate whites.

I believe the ANC has mismanaged the country and allowed crime to spiral out of control.

I believe the international community knows about the crime situation and the plight of whites but chooses to ignore it because, by admitting it is akin to accepting that putting a terrorist entity like the ANC into power was a terrible mistake. That is the way of leftwing entities like Amnesty International and media outlets like the BBC and CNN - to not accept responsibility for their actions.

I believe that the use of the word "genocide" is an extreme but effective method to bring the plight of white South Africans to the attention of the world. It may not describe precisely what is transpiring in South Africa but we are very close to it.

I ask, as the message of the video asks, where are you Amnesty International?

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Couldn't have said it better!

Censorbugbear said...

Can one obtain a cut and paste link to this video so that it can be reproduced?
In my view, it is a bit short on verifiable facts i.e. the names of these people who are saying all this, and the pictures of murdered farmers and families can be vastly improved upon with the many facts at hand in the archives at

However it's a start one can work with. It's amazing to see such a courageous person going through so much effort to highlight this highly unpopular cause.

Censorbugbear said...

I personally visited the offices of Amnesty International together with two Afrikaner lawyers who were representing the "Boeremag" trial-awaiting prisoners in South Africa. They have now been rotting in a SA prison for the past six years while their trial is allowed to drag on and on and on. Their families have been destroyed by the loss of their wage-earners and one of their number has already died from the filthy prison conditions. Under SA law, one is presumably 'innocent' until PROVEN guilty, yet there they still sit, Afrikaner family men, accused only by two very lewd criminals who are in the pay of the SA police.

The lawyers had brought along a petition from these Afrikaners, and a description of the cruelties they were subjected to while 'awaiting trial' -- locked up inside maximum-security cells which often overflow with sewerage.

These were signed and sworn statements and with these statements were statements from medical practitioners who had treated these men for a large variety of infections. These men have also been tortured and are constantly taunted by black inmates.

We went to Amnesty International's office in Amsterdam, where we had an official appointment at their highly luxurious downtown Amsterdam town-house. It's one of the most lavish buildings in what still is one of the richest cities in the world.

We were ushered into the head of Amnesty International 's office. A rude, rather grubby looking man who also was exceedingly rude. He dumped us in our seats and sat us down. And then the lawyers put the case to him, handing him the documents. He never said one word and did not even look at the documents. He just sat there with a very nasty expression on his face. Sort of as if he was looking at vermin which should be exterminated, that's the way he looked at these two Afrikaner lawyers, who are respected men in their own community back home and had spent a lot of valuable money needed for the defence, on this useless trip.

It was useless. I was dreadfully embarrassed by the way these Afrikaners were treated by Amnesty International. After about half an hour of pretending to listen, he looked at his watch, said we had to leave now, and we were told to go. He did not even say goodbye or shake hands.

He said he would 'send the documents to London'.

And that's the last we ever heard of him. I phoned him several times, and of course also had the intelligence to mail the documents to the London office too.

I never heard from Amnesty International in response to any of these documents.

That's how Amnesty International treats Afrikaners who appealed to them for help in their growing plight. In this case, it was twelve Afrikaner men sitting in filthy prisons -- totally innocently.

Do you think for one minute they would care one hoot for the entire nation? Do you know what the comment was which I heard as we left from one of the women in the reception area below.

"Eigen schuld, dikke bult', she snarled. The Afrikaners didn't catch the meaning, but being Dutch, I did. "It's their own fault, let them live with it,' was what this bitch shouted at me.

But it's good that videos are made with 'pleas' to Amnesty International and other 'human rights bodies'. This is a very good effort which I hope people will continue to undertake - even if there's never any response.

One must eventually be able to 'embarrass' them enough publicly to force them to finally examine the evidence right in front of their faces that 3million whites are being wiped off the face of South Africa in a deliberate genocide.

Genocide Watch's Dr Gregory Stanton is the only one with the courage to stand up and issue warnings about this. This American started doing this from 2002.

Anonymous said...

I have downloaded a copy in FLV format (flashvideo) - abt 2,9MB. I will try and send it to you if your ISP doesn't chuck it out because the file is too big.

As for the video, you will see that I made guarded comments able the verifiability of some of statements but I thought the video was of good enough quality that it was worthy of posting.

Someone has gone to some trouble and the least we can do is put it out there and let people decide. I don't agree with everything that is being said but it is damn close. Like you say, there are other places like Crime Busters where they can go for further info.

Anonymous said...

On your comments about Amnesty Intl, they are a far left organisation. Had you walked into their offices with one black person and made a statement of false imprisonment, they would have had people picketing outside the SA embassy quicker than you could say "what the f..?"

Like you say, their attitude is "it's their fault". Well, f**k that. Blogs like ours will keep countering them and embarrassing them altho to be honest, liberals and leftwingers have very low morals so expect it to take a very long time.

It is good though that more and more people are seeing entities like Amnesty Intl for what they truly are.