Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hate speech is free speech

Pleasant speech that we all agree with doesn't need protecting, freedom of speech is there specifically for the speech we don't agree with.

I do not actually believe in the absurdly nonsensical notion of "hate speech", since I do not believe in victimless crime.

Hate speech laws have had an incredibly chilling effect on true freedom of expression amongst 99.9% of the (decent, law-abiding) public in all countries where they've been introduced.

The line between 'hate speech' and 'thought crime' is incredibly fine, as it's a very short trip from your mind to your mouth --- one little slip (and who doesn't think vicious things in anger once in a while?) and you're suddenly a demon --- so the only alternative for every human is constant vigilance and double-checking of every single thing you ever think and say.

In essence it kind of makes every human 'a criminal' on some psychological level. It also assures that nobody talks openly about the very serious problems in society that require open discussion in order to solve - nobody will risk stomping on those egg-shells.

The only thing anyone knows for sure is "safe" to say is bad things about whites in general or about white racists, and so people do. It's almost comforting and anxiety-reducing to do so since these are "safe topics". Finally you can say something without worrying about being demonised.

If hate speech could "cause" hate crimes society would've self-destructed long ago; it is brute physical power and the lack of accountability to a greater system of law and order that "cause" hate crimes, not the incidental oft-accompanying hate speech when horrors do happen.

Hitler didn't kill Jews with words, he killed them with the machinery of a massive, complex multi-national military-industrial complex that was accountable to nobody and backed by ultimate military power and control of multiple economies.

Without that unthinkable power all his rantings would've amounted to nothing. I know plenty of people who also hate Jews (I'm sure we all know some anti-semites), yet none of them have managed to kill any in spite of much hate speech, presumably because it's illegal and they'd go to jail.

So much for the sheer scariness of "hate speech" instilling terror or hate in everyone's hearts and keeping its victims up at nights.

Some race hate blogs have been going for years and attract many thousands of visitors and yet the number of incidents of hate-based attacks by whites against blacks in the whole of the New South Africa can practically be counted on one hand, and not one of them is known to have been motivated by any hate speech ... oooooh, fear that dreadful hate speech, ban it ban it (sarcasm).

Wait for it..shrieks of racism coming..4-3-2..

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Anonymous said...

"... constant vigilance and double-checking of every single thing you ever think and say."

Once you achieve this, and become superficially congenial, then you can proudly call yourself Canadian.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:06..

Well put. What is going on in Canada? I have never seen peecee taken to such an extent as in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Am waiting for UG to decide whether I can contribute to his S.A. Diaspora blog to let you know. I arrived in Canada 2 months ago and can say these guys are NOT TAUGHT TO CRITICALLY THINK. There are a lot of very well educated people with no original thoughts. They are a bunch of lazy thinkers.

Anonymous said...

I can say the same for Aussies. They are shielded from the realities of the world and the viewpoint of the world is very leftwing skewed.

Most of the news is local with a bit of national thrown in and maybe a minute's worth about the world and usually only if they can't but avoid mentioning it. A lot of crap really. The mushroom mentality: kept in the dark and fed shit.

The term sheeple describes Aussies. They are told how to think, when to think and they follow the leader. I was once told by an Aus that South Africans are very 'independent'. In other words, we think for ourselves and take care of ourselves because that's how it is where we come from. The State does nothing for you in SA whereas in welfare countries like Aus, the people expect the State to take care of their needs.

As for contributing something, you are welcome to contribute to our blog. We'd like your viewpoints as you settle into your new country. Must be freaking cold there in winter, what -30 deg with the wind chill? You will be pissing iceblocks my china. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. The cold myth, and I can't use "My china" here. They are all over the place. Ok, I will send you some stuff as and when, some very funny.