Monday, September 22, 2008

Copulating Couple Culled by train: busy with on-track sex

Distraught South African train-driver hit the copulators at 23:30 Friday-night...

Sep 21 2008 KINROSS, South Africa. An unknown couple were hit and killed by a train on Friday-evening at around 23:30 near the small gold-mining town of Kinross in South Africa.

They were killed while engaged in the sex-act on the railway tracks, said the driver.

Police were investigating whether the woman had been 'a willing partner' or whether she was being raped. South Africa has the highest reported rape-rates* in the world, so this would not be so surprising.

Quoted was police superintendent Abie Khoabane of the Mpumalanga police, who also said that they didn't know the identities of the couple. They had no identification-documents nor any property to identify them with them at all, he said.

Also, there were no homes nor vehicles nearby. The nearest settlement to the accident was the gold-mining town of Kinross (pop. 10,000) -- 65 miles from Johannesburg.

The distraught train-driver said he was unable to stop the train in time - he'd spotted them on the tracks just before the train hit them and was only able to bring the heavy train to a complete stop while later. Police said that when he came across the dead couple he immediately notified police.

Economy of Kinross: Kinross was established as an agricultural-service centre. It forms a linear stretch along the N17 and the railway line to the south of the town and is directly linked to the industrial regions of Secunda and SASOL, the South African state-owned fuel-from-coal plants. The town is largely reliant on SASOL for employment.

Together with Thistle Grove, Kinross has a population of about 10,750 people. This mining region became infamous worldwide because of the worst gold-mine disaster in SA history in 1986, when a massive fire had killed 177 mineworkers and injured 235 from poisoned smoke caused by plastic insulation material.,9171,962424,00.html

Rape statistics 2007/8 South Africa:

News report in Afrikaans:,,3-975_2397218,00.html
Municipal statistics:

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Anonymous said...

Copulating Couple Culled... wow

Anonymous said...

Mom told me never to have sex on the railway

Anonymous said...

Doberman, I went on google to compare rape stats with other countries. No surprise, SA is no. 1, but to my shock and horror, Oz is 3rd! This is not good. Although, they don't have any/many home invasions and rape like we experience? Is Oz safe, in your opinion? I mean, do you feel safer? I suppose a person should always be alert.

Doberman said...

@ anon 11:33..

OZ is in my opinion very, very safe. The rapes that occur are largely among the aboriginal communities. Child rape and abuse, domestic violence, alcohol abuse is rampant in aboriginal areas.

In the cities, you will see women, young girls walking alone late at night with no fear. My sister and mother go jogging late at night sometimes and there's no worries.

Obviously one must be alert but no, the figures mentioned refer mainly to the problems in the abo communities.