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Controversial police chief Robert McBride gets the boot

"I can arrange to have your wife raped, your kids and pets killed,' he'd told a colleague...

September 26 2008 -- PRETORIA. Robert McBride, controversial head of the East/Rand Ekurhuleni metropolitan police, was dismissed on Thursday evening.

However - here's the onion for taxpayers -- the council has undertaken to pay the legal costs for his drunk-driving trial and he gets paid until the end of his contract period!

Mayor Ntombi Mekgwe said the council had decided on Thursday to end McBride's contract with immediate effect. This meant he would be unemployed from Friday.

During his current drunken-driving hearing at the Pretoria Regional Court, witnesses testified that East Rand/Ekurhuleni metro police chief Robert McBride - a senior ANC-member -- had told one officer that he 'would arrange for his wife to be raped and his children and pets murdered'. It is apparently quite routine for influential ANC-members like McBride to threaten and intimidate others in order to maintain their power-base.
This is where these ANC-cadres were taught to do this:-
ANC torture camps

McBride history with ANC:
ANC member Robert McBride planned and participated in the carbombing of Magoo's Bar, a popular hangout for the South African Security Police forces in Durban. Three white women pedestrians were killed when the bomb exploded, and many bar patrons were woundedMcBride and a companion were convicted of the bombing, and McBride was sentenced to execution. A pardon negotiated by Nelson Mandela saved McBride from death row. McBride then became a diplomat in the new South African government. He has applied for amnesty from the TRC, but stands by the bombing, saying that if he was in the same situation, he would do it again.

Former mayor Duma Nkosi had put McBride on compulsory leave in July last year after he was charged with drunken driving and obstruction of justice.

He crashed his official car in December 2006, after the metro- police year-end function - which is where this photograph of him and his buddies was taken: he's in the white shirt giving the V-sign for victory... .The hearing into the incident is presently taking place in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court.

McBride's five-year contract would have expired at the end of November. However, Mekgwe said the council had decided to rather terminate the contract now, as McBride was on paid leave anyway. "We could have made our decision at the end of November, but decided to rather do it now." She declined to elaborate on the council's reasons for doing so. The rest of his contract will be paid out.

  • In other words: he's being financially rewarded.
  • Mekgwe said "the council would honour its commitment to pay the legal costs it had undertaken to pay, but if any new legal costs were incurred in any of his cases, McBride would be liable for those himself."
She said Mkhabela Sibeko, acting head of metro police, would continue in that capacity until Patrick Flusk, city manager, decided who should be appointed. At 20:00 on Thursday night, McBride told Beeld that he 'had not been informed of the decision, and did not want to comment.',,2-7-1442_2400017,00.html

Here's some of the 'policing-actions' during McBride's watch

Top squash-player James-Thomas Geldart, 20, shot by Ekhurhuleni metrocops

April 19 2008 A young Afrikaner Unisa student, and one of the country's top ten squash players, James-Thomas Geldart (20) suffered serious gunshot wounds iafter he was shot in the groin and the face by members of the notorious EastRand/Ehkurhuleni-metropolitian police on the N12 highway near Springs. He was returning from the Benoni Country Club. He's a trainer there and plays in its top honours-winning squash-team.

Photographed here with him by Beeld newspaper were his parents James jr and Amanda, and sister Petri, 15.

The unarmed Unisa student was returning from the Benoni club when he was shot at around 12:30 and, chasing home with serious gun-shot wounds, crashed his car into a wall.

The family said he was dragged from his car covered in blood, and kept saying: 'dad I thought I was being hijacked, they were shooting me.' The Geldart family already was badly traumatised by violent crime: recently they were also was attacked by armed black men inside their home, and about a year ago, James-Thomas' car also was hijacked.

He said the shots were fired by two groups of armed men in two unmarked cars who had followed him on the N12 highway near Springs. They were giving no indications that they may have been cops. Believing they were hijackers or robbers, he called his security company CMS while he continued driving to his parental home.

  • Spokesmen confirmed that they could hear the shots while he was calling them in sheer panic -- and immediately rushed to his house because a security alarm had also been raised there by his mother. Mr Geldart, bleeding profusely and weak from the gunshot wounds, by then had lost control over his car and crashed it into a wall a block away from his house.

There was no sign of the men who had been following him. He was treated on the scene by paramedics and rushed to Glynnwood hospital.

SA Police captain Julia Claasen claimed that the metro-cops were 'following' the young Afrikaner when he had 'ignored a red traffic-light'. They are now 'investigating attempted murder,' she added.

  • Does anybody know what's happened to this investigation?

His dad says he cannot understand why his unarmed son was shot at at all. "He's still a child, he was the headboy at Brandwag (Afrikaans) High School and among the top-ten squash players in the country. "He's in his third year studying for a B-com in financial management at Unisa.'
The father 'had heard that the metro police were busy with some kind of crime-prevention campaign in Springs. Perhaps that had something to do with it.',,3-975_2308619,00.html

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June 1 2008 -- On McBride's watch, an innocent man was also killed during crossfire by Ekurhuleni metro-cops who'd been ordered by their chief to fire on a crowd.

This photograph by Rapport newspaper photographer Christiaan Kotze was taken while the East Rand/Ekurhuleni metropolitan police had been ordered to shoot at a crowd at the Ramaphosa squatter camp. Both the photographer and the man in the red shirt in the foreground were injured by the crossfire.

The man in the red shirt died shortly thereafter: he was Qenesane Benjamin Hans, a South African resident who lived at the Ramaphosa squatter camp and walked past, enroute to his job.

And the policemen seen firing behind him all belong to the EastRand/Ehkurhuleni police force - and they had just been ordered to fire on a crowd at Ramaphosa squatter camp by Robert McBride, who had just arrived and taken over command of the action from the (loudly-protesting) national SA Police Service. as recorded by the local and foreign news media.

Kotze and Hans both were injured by rubber bullets and shotgun-pellets being fired in volleys fired from metropolitan-police guns just seconds after this photograph was taken and pellets had also shattered the camera-lens. The two injured men were taken to hospital in the same ambulance. Mr. Hans had suffered severe head wounds and succumbed in the ambulance, Mr. Kotze was treated and discharged.

Kotze states that he had noticed that Mr Hans clearly had been an innocent bystander who really was just walking through the area and had not been involved in any 'xenophobic attacks'.

Kotze had not noticed him amongst the rowdy crowd behind them before he and Kotze were shot.

  • The entire incident is even more controversial because at that time, the officially 'suspended' metropolitan police chief Robert McBride had arrived in the middle of these xenophobic attacks and intervened with the national SA Police's attempts to calm down the crowd -- by taking over command.

  • Shortly thereafter, when a bottle was thrown at McBride from the crowd, orders were given to shoot at them - injuring Hans and Kotze, amongst others.

McBride 's actions were so controversial because he had officially been placed on 'extended leave' pending the outcome of his trial for drunk-driving.

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Anonymous said...

This is great news. What's happening in the country? First we have Mbeki and bunch of crap ministers going and now the terrorist Magoo's Bar bomber is looking for a new job? Let's hope this is a case of a new broom sweeping clean.

Anonymous said...

Just heard on the news here in OZ that our beloved health minister also got the boot. Could it be that the new ANC broom is sweeping all the ANC turds under a carpet?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:02..

Yep, see the previous post. Out with the old hag, in with the new and if the TAC likes her already, then perhaps there is hope. The country needs a mighty big carpet to sweep all the turds under it like you say. Did you read our post about what Jimmy Carter said about Mbeki??! Is it any wonder Manto stayed in the job so long? We definitely had a bunch of nuts running the asylum.

Censorbugbear said...

Don't get your hopes up that SA is going to suddenly become 'fairer' with this new lot: see the latest story on htpp:// and ask yourself how such a thing can happen if this was a 'fair' society?