Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two cops killed by black gang

They feel nothing. There used to be a time when killing a cop meant the death penalty but since we have the most liberal crappy constitution in the world, there is no fear of a) being caught, b) being convicted or c) being punished properly.


Pensioner’s hijack hellride…

An elderly Transkei pensioner was forced at gunpoint to ride with an armed gang to a pension payout point where a gun battle left two police inspectors dead from head wounds.

Sityebi Sishuba, 72, told how he was terrified when he was confronted by a group of eight heavily-armed men wearing balaclavas at the roadside.

He said he was taking his wife and five other women in his Toyota Hilux bakkie to the pension site in Ngqumane village near Mount Frere when he pulled over to the side of the road to tend to some of his cattle which were roaming around.

Sishuba said it was at that point that the the gunmen held him up before leaving their blue Mazda bakkie and getting into his vehicle.

“Some of the men pointed at me with their firearms and said they needed my car because they had business to take care of,” he said. “They pushed me onto the back of the bakkie and took out the women and some of the children I was travelling with before speeding off.”

He was terrified: “I thought maybe this was a terrible nightmare. “I was just relieved they did not hurt my wife and the other women, but I knew things would get worse along the way.”

Sishuba continued: “They were driving like mad… I asked why were they driving recklessly. “They said ‘Relax old man, we are not going to damage your car: We are on our way to take care of some business and after that you will get your car’.”

When they got to the pension point they all got out of the bakkie and went in different directions, instructing people to lie on the ground.

“Within minutes, a shoot-out started between them and the police. There were gunshots and screams, with elderly people running around aimlessly,” Sishuba said, who managed to get away from the robbers and was not injured.

Two police inspectors, however, were both shot in the head and died instantly. The robbers fled with an as-yet-undisclosed amount of money in a hijacked car belonging to the Department of Social Development and are still on the run.

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