Thursday, July 31, 2008

100 000 oppose closure of Scorpions

My feeling is you might as well wipe your backside with the petition paper for all the good it will do.

The ANC is hell-bent on removing the only organisation that can stop its top members from unbridled corruption so had even all 45 million citizens signed the petition, the removal of the Scorpions is a done deal.

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One always wonders what happens to those petitions that we all sign in
good faith. Do they ever get handed in to the people concerned? Or are they just thrown in a bin?

Well, for those who signed the SAVE OUR SCORPIONS petition, something did come of it.

DA spokesperson on safety and security Dianne Kohler Barnard handed over 2 000 written submissions and 98,000 signatures opposing the Scorpions closure to the National Assembly's Portfolio Committee for Safety and Security.

The petition was part of the Save Our Scorpions campaign started by Hugh Glenister and then supported by the DA.

The petition was either signed by members of the public on paper, on the online petition site, or in the sms campaign.

Tuesday was the deadline for public submissions commenting on the South African Police Service Amendment bill and the National Prosecuting Authority Amendment bill – the two items of legislation that seek to close the Scorpions and create a new unit under police control.

The deadline was at noon, and although the DA handed in over 2 000 submissions by 10:30 am- by noon - over 7 000 had arrived.

“The degree to which the public responded to calls for submissions has been overwhelming and is a clear indication of just how strongly the public opposes the closing of the Scorpions,” said Kohler Barnard.

“The government simply cannot continue to process the two bills in the face of such clear public opposition without confirming their contempt for the wishes of the public.”

Some of the comments by people in their submissions include:

* “I strongly oppose the disbandment of the Scorpions. We must not allow criminals to be protected by the Government. There are obviously some top officials of the ANC that cannot sleep well at night knowing the Scorpions' success rate!”
* “I am saddened by fact that our President and the ANC government would want to legislate to disestablish the Scorpions when it is clear knowledge that our national and provincial government is infected with corrupt officials”
* “Why can't the ANC genuinely act in the best interests of all the people of this country? It is as if the ANC Manifesto is just a meaningless piece of paper. Surely the ANC can see that if it supports criminals in its ranks it will ultimately undermine the whole organisation? It amazes me just how much the ANC is beginning to resemble the Nationalist Party!”
It remains to be seen what the committee will do with the petition and the submissions.

Although the petition doesn’t have much standing in the committee, unlike the submissions, it does send a clear message that a large portion of the public wants the Scorpions to stay.

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