Sunday, July 06, 2008

'We're not going to kill you'

Following on the theme of the previous posting. This is life in the 'new', 'better' South Africa. A life under ANC rule.

A life under misrule, mismanagement and a “I couldn’t give a damn, I have bodyguards” attitude of the new elite in the South African government.

This must change. Only WE can make it change. Protest when the opportunity arises, vote, get active or just sit there and wait for your turn to be hit.

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"Don't worry, we're not going to kill you today. We just want the car," three hijackers told Nicole Pretorius outside her son's school.

Nicole, 26, was hijacked outside her son's nursery school in Kibler Park near Mayfield Park, in southern Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Justine Cash, the owner and principal of Jelly Tots Nursery School, said the hijacking happened at 07:37 when Nicole, a single-mother, dropped off her three-year-old son.

Nicole was still too shocked to talk about the incident.

Cash said: "They grabbed her outside the school after waiting for her to bring her son inside first. They don't want children; they just want cars."

Nicole screamed when the men grabbed her and one of them fired a shot over her head.

The hijackers apparently comforted her in the car while they were driving away and told her not to worry as they were going to drop her off next to the road.

They dropped her off about 8km away in Walkerville, south of Johannesburg, and drove off with her Chevrolet Aveo, which she had had for only two months.

A motorist picked her up and took her back to the school.

A chaplain from the Johannesburg emergency services later spoke to her.

Cash said teachers at the school were shocked about the hijacking, but the children were unaware of what had happened.

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