Monday, July 14, 2008

Criminal Cops

The thin blue line

One must sympathize with the handful of honest cops working their butts of under very stressful and dangerous conditions.

Regrettably there are only a handful of these honest cops left.

The vast majority have followed in the footsteps of the chief of police and turned to crime as self enrichment at any cost, has become the norm in the new South Africa.

We have learnt to mistrust our police force to the point that you fear for your very life if even approached by a uniformed officer. The successful prosecution and conviction rate of these criminal cops is now under 10%, very scary indeed.

Hijacker COP nabbed

A hijacker nabbed following a shoot-out with police on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast today has turned out to be a policeman, police said.

Superintendent Muzi Mngomezulu said police noticed a white VW Golf being followed by a maroon Nissan Sentra near KwaDukuza (formerly Stanger) in the early hours of Monday morning.

When police attempted to stop the vehicles, the men in the two cars opened fire on the officers. A shoot-out ensued and the five men abandoned their vehicles and fled on foot.

However, the officers managed to arrest one of the suspects - a 25-year-old constable from the Newark police station about 35 kilometres north of KwaDukuza near the Tugela River.

Police also heard a noise from the boot of the Golf. When they opened it they discovered the owner of the car.

He had been hijacked shortly after 2.30am while driving along the R102 near KwaDukuza. The constable is expected to appear in court shortly and faces charges of hijacking, kidnapping, armed robbery and attempted murder.

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