Friday, June 27, 2008

‘Sham’ Selebi deal stuns opposition

Foreigners must understand what we are dealing with in South Africa. Mbeki and the ANC are the mini-me versions of Mad Bob and Zanu-PF.

The country’s police chief is charged with corruption, bribery and defeating the ends of justice and what does our ape of a president do?

Why, EXTEND his contract, of course!!!

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Pres. Mbeki extends contract of embattled police commissioner

President Thabo Mbeki has extended the contract of police chief Jackie Selebi, who faces corruption, fraud and money laundering charges, a government spokesman said yesterday.

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and Democratic Alliance (DA) last night strongly criticised Mbeki’s decision.

The DA said given the fact that Selebi was due to appear in court today to face charges of corruption, defeating the ends of justice and an alternative charge of receiving an unauthorised gratification, Mbeki’s assertion that the decision was based “on the need to allow due process to be concluded before a final decision could be taken on the future of his employment contract with the state” was disingenuous to say the least.

The IFP’s Velaphi Ndlovu said: “We are totally shocked by this decision. We don’t understand why government would extend the commissioner’s contract while he is still being investigate for corruption and defeating the ends of justice. Surely, his contract should only be renewed once he is cleared of all the charges against him?”

Selebi, who resigned from his post as president of Interpol in January, is expected to appear in a Johannesburg court today to answer the charges, which are connected to his ties to convicted drug smuggler Glenn Agliotti.

Prosecutors say Selebi received payments from Agliotti, who is accused of playing a role in the 2005 murder of a South African mining magnate.

“President Mbeki has extended the employment contract of the national commissioner of the South African Police Service for 12 months, with effect from the 1st of July 2008,” government spokesman Themba Maseko said yesterday.

The government wanted to wait for the outcome of Selebi’s trial before taking a final decision on his employment. In the meantime, Selebi, widely regarded as an ally of Mbeki, would remain on special leave.

Opposition parties and Mbeki’s critics in the African National Congress have accused the president of shielding Selebi from prosecution.

The case has rattled the political establishment and threatens to damage Mbeki, whose credibility and standing has taken a knock since he lost the ANC leadership to Jacob Zuma in a bitter battle last year.

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