Saturday, May 31, 2008

* Security Warning * - An eyewitness account on "coloured markings"

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog on the use of crayon markings, in the Durban area.

Despite the fact that numerous security firms have confirmed that this is actually happening, some people still don’t believe it is true, and is an urban legend. But I highly doubt that each of the security companies are making this up.

Well, yesterday, my colleague sent me an email that was from a resident in the Durban-North area. The resident, Micky, had sent an email to the eblockwatch team warning them about the markings.

Whether this is true or not, I can’t be 100% sure. But eblockwatch certainly has a respected bunch of community members on their website, and I doubt anyone would lie.

And if my previous blog has anything to go by, the stories are very similar.

So here is what Micky had to say:

I came back from the Hyper by the Sea, on my way to fetch Jude from Creche….. as I drove past my house, I saw a metallic blue Mercedes (old, old one) parked on my verge. There were two guys inside the car, chatting to my gardener. So, I stop…. Asked them what I can do for them. They grinned at me and said they were just asking for directions and drove off. Another car driving pass, witnesses this and stopped to chat to me. This guy told me to be really careful, because the police issued a warning for a similar car… marking houses in Durban North… all know about the markings hey?

He then told me that the guys gave my gardener a piece of carton to put behind my pot plant , next to our boundary wall…… I would NEVER have known it was there, if he did not tell me. I spoke to Henry, our gardener, and he said that they were not looking for directions, like they told me, but that they said he must place the RED board behind the pot plant for municipality reasons, Which Henry of course believed and placed there. He would not have told me about it either, seeing that he did not give it a second thought. Scary!!!! I’ve got their number plate: ND 205563 And RED means HIJACKING!!!! Scary when you’ve got a child in his carseat!!

So, moral of the story - it’s true. They are indeed marking our houses!!!! And I saw it with my own eyes. Oh, and yesterday Jude’s Creche had a green marking on the intercom, which they immediately washed off. Creches are easy targets.

Send this to anyone you feel needs to know this.

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