Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Low turnout at anti-crime march

Disappointment? How about PATHETIC!!

The million man march against crime was your opportunity to take a stand and just 5000 bothered to show up?!

Thousands of South Africans are being mowed down like dogs every year and the rest of you couldn’t be bothered to get off the f**king couch to spend one day protesting.


I am so pissed off right now. You don’t want to help yourselves. You want to wallow in your misery, bitch and whine around braais and dinners about the crime and government but when a chance appears to have your say, you f**king idiots couldn’t be bothered!

Your actions have ensured that another 20 000 people will die this year and next year and you and yours will probably be one of the statistics.

Don’t blame the government, BLAME yourselves for the shit you are in!

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Many of the people who joined the "million man march" on Tuesday expressed their disappointment in fellow South Africans for not joining the initiative.

"I am thrilled I am here, but the numbers show something of the apathy of some South Africans," said Johannesburg businessman Jeff Blunt.

Sporting a South African flag around his shoulders, he said the business community had not done enough to support the initiative.

He had given all his staff the day off to join the march.

"I would rather come here and contribute than become another whiner," he said.

Actor and comedian Desmond Dube said the government needs to take people seriously.

"The leadership needs to take people seriously. They are sending the wrong message to the country ... that people are not important," he said.

Dube is the organiser of the gathering at the Union Buildings in the city.

Dube said he was disappointed that President Thabo Mbeki would not be accepting a memorandum on behalf of government.

The aim of the gathering was to change people's mind sets and let them know they could help in the fight against crime.

Francinah Mpete of Hammanskraal said she was disappointed by the number of people who turned up for the event.

"We see this at other activities as well, such as the community policing forums," she said, adding that people should become more active in the fight against crime.

Around 5 000 people had gathered at the Union Buildings for the start of the official programme at noon.

Yolandi du Plessis of Walkerville had been robbed 14 times. This included incidents where she and then later her sister, were hijacked.

"There could have been more people here. It would have made a bigger statement," she said.

However, she said she was happy to be there and would take part again in an anti-crime protest if the opportunity arose.

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Anonymous said...

Stop Whining!!!

The Million Man Wet Dream will never happen for a number of reasons.

Mainly, Why Bother? Nothing will change... You'll only spend hours walking in the sun when you could be at home braaing.

The only thing that will stop crime in this country is to FORCE every citizen to get a gun and allow them to blow away "each and every" motherfucker that commits or attempts a criminal act. Sooner or later there will be no crooks left.

That is how you fight crime. Walking around getting your fat arse on TV will do NOTHING to fight crime... Therefore the low turnout.

But of course all whites are racists and are not allowed to get guns (thanks to the FCA, and it's useless implementation), because they will use it to kill "bred winnas" who merely broke in to use the phone...

Anonymous said...

@ anon 05:39..

I disagree. The sight of one million people would do three things;

1) tell THE WORLD that the shit ain't right in the blessed 'new' SA (and what a message that would send),

2) tell the f**king useless govt that we are not going to take their shit no more.

3) on top of the recent zeno violence, maybe the eyes of the world would open still wider. The ANC hates the bad publicity.

Then we come back to your deal..

Yes, arm everyone. No argument with that from me. I carried a 9mm 24/7/365 for 17 years before I left. I still have to be in SA 50% of the year so I am still affected by what goes on there.

Altho I carried a gun, I knew what was a possibility: that the f**kers come at you 5 or more at a time with AKs and knives and in the dead of the night. Or at an intersection or at a restaurant.

They will get you when you least expect it and perhaps YOU can do something for yourself - BUT what will YOUR WIFE AND KIDS do? Pull out their own 45s and pop a couple of caps into the crims?

Grow up dude! The solution is changing the govt, the system, and yes having a gun but not everyone is able to afford and own and qualify for a gun.

What the hell kind of society will it be if the answer is to "blow everybody away"?

In Aus, they mustered 100 000 people to protest a war in IRAQ! Not once, several times!

Not about shit here in Aus, but about some crap on the other side of the world.

"WE" can't muster a fart in the midst of a hurricane.

We are pathetic, really.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if yoll had the march, or another march, here in Cape Town more people would have turned up? I would have. Did yoll maybe consider that the majority of people who care about crime levels have already fled the dreaded "Transvaal" and are actually in the Cape? or overseas? he he. When I get my PhD I'm soooo out of here.
Doberman, I love your blog and read it every day. It's more informative than the news/newspapers. It really opened my eyes to a lot of things. You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:21..

Thank you. I'll keep trying if you keep readin'.. {;o)~