Friday, May 23, 2008

Xenophobic attacks: UN worried

Oh, lookee here, the talking shop that is the UN is ‘worried’.

Let’s all hold our breaths and wait for the UN to sort out the situation.

I suppose we should get in line? Darfur, Somalia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Burma, North Korea, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq...should I go on?

There is one silver lining though. The pet child of the world, the “rainbow nation”, is being revealed for the brutish kid that it is.

The South African gubbermunt has enjoyed a free ride for too long but it is over.

The world is seeing the South African gubbermunt for the corrupt, evil entity that it is.

I picture a lot of foreigners scratching their heads wondering where did all this shit in South Africa suddenly come from?

Newsflash people: It has been this way for 14 years. Fifty murders per day. Hello? Blame your liberal media for keeping the facts from you.

I suppose the United Nations will pass a resolution of some sorts and break for tea then.

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Geneva - The United Nations refugee agency on Friday expressed deep concern about xenophobic attacks against foreigners, many of whom are Zimbabwean refugees, in South Africa.

More than 17 000 people have been displaced and dozens killed over the past two weeks in the violence, the UN High Commission for Refugees said.

"UNHCR remains deeply concerned about the xenophobic attacks against foreigners in South Africa, including refugees and asylum seekers who fled to South Africa seeking protection from persecution in their own countries," the agency's spokeswoman Jennifer Pagonis told journalists in Geneva.

She added that reports from the agency's teams indicate that "a very large percentage" of those displaced by the xenophobic violence are Zimbabweans.

"They include people who came to South Africa to seek asylum. They urgently need both assistance and protection," she said.

She added that Zimbabweans who are refugees "should be recognised as such".

Foreigners in South Africa, many of whom have fled economic meltdown in neighbouring Zimbabwe, are being blamed for sky-high crime rates and depriving locals of jobs.

The violence which was earlier concentrated in Johannesburg on Friday also spread to the southern city of Cape Town.

It has done untold damage to South African's reputation as the Rainbow Nation and has began taking its toll on the country's economy.

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