Monday, May 26, 2008

The world is watching

The international community continues to monitor xenophobic attacks.

The Australian government has not put out any travel advisories for South Africa despite alarmist reporting ‘down under’ of the clashes.

The story has been all over the media.

Some of the headlines include ‘Waves of Attacks against Foreigners in South Africa’ to the more evocative ‘Blood of New Arrival Stain the Rainbow Nation’.

Meanwhile, Israel is also keeping an eye on the situation here.

Israeli media isn’t giving much space to the xenophobic attacks in South Africa but on the streets and Tel Aviv and Jerusalem people are well-aware of the violence.

The issue of foreigner workers from Africa has been a thorny one that the Israeli government has been reluctant to tackle.

Frustration and anger is starting to show with often violent attacks growing increasingly common.

An Israeli official says Israel is closely watching how the South African government handles the matter in the hopes of gaining some insight into how to handle the situation.

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May I suggest that the Israelis look towards the SA gubbermunt on “how NOT to handle the situation?”

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