Thursday, May 29, 2008

High noon in Bloemfontein

Hee haa! Howdy pardners, shoot ‘em up, Sipho!

- - - - -

Bloemfontein police were on Wednesday looking for two robbers who fired several shots at three men trying to catch them after a woman was robbed in Fleurdal, police said.

Spokesperson Superintendent Annelie Wrensch said Martinette van Rensburg, 40, was approached by three men at her vehicle in front of a shop in Fleurdal at about 9.45am.

"She had a firearm pointed at her and they took her handbag and another bag she had with her and ran."

Wrensch said Brain le Gassick, 62, who was in the vicinity at the time, reacted to Van Rensburg's screams, and picked up two other men in his car and gave chase after the fleeing robbers.

Police said at one stage one of the robbers fired shots at Le Gassick damaging two car windows and the bodywork. "One of the men inside the vehicle of Le Gassick sustained a wound to the head," said Wrensch.

She said one of the robbers apparently hijacked a man, offloading gravel at his home, while fleeing the police. The man later told police he was held at gunpoint. The robber apparently jumped out of the vehicle near the National Hospital in Bloemfontein.

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