Saturday, May 24, 2008

Government in damage control mode

Simply pointing out an obvious fact will get you ‘blasted’ by the S.A. gubbermunt, now heavily in defence mode.

It is a well-known FACT, munista Manuel, that Nigerians run the biggest drug syndicates in the country with the collusion of many members of the police force.

Your gubbermunt’s inaction in tackling this problem and many other crimes committed by foreigners has lead to the resentment of foreigners.

The locals are sick to death of the crime and it is the poor without the bodyguards (that you have) that suffer for your lack of action. The 'incitement' argument is too late. That horse bolted a long time ago.

When you stick your head in the sand, munista, there is only one orifice you can speak from.

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DA leader Helen Zille's statement that foreigners were responsible for SA's drug problem could lead to more xenophobic attacks, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel said on Thursday.

"Its necessary for us to guard against labelling, all of us have a responsibility to guard against fanning the flames of violence," he said.

The Cape Argus on Thursday published a story quoting Zille saying the drug problem was one of the causes of the current xenophobic attacks.

"One of them is the extent of drug trade, and in many case it is not South Africans citizens who set up drug houses," Zille said in her address to New Woodlands residents in Cape Town.

The Democratic Alliance leader had also attacked the home affairs department's immigration policy, saying the department made it easier for drug dealers to enter the country.

"If you are a skilled person then the system says no to you, but if you d
o enter illegally and sell drugs then it is OK," she said.

She, however, told the community to reject violence.

Manuel said Zille's statements were "reckless" as they could easily incite people to attack foreigners.

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