Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flaws in system aid crooks

Who says crime doesn’t pay? In South Africa, it does.

I have written before about the fraud and corruption by public servants and the gubbemunt promises to stamp it out but it seems the fraud fest continues. Eish, ah em heppy, heppy.

As for looking for “leaders of impeccable integrity”, whazzat?

Not in the ANC you won’t find them. Most are convicted crooks or crooks just waiting to be found out. It’s only a matter of time.

Maybe we should call some of the Zimbabweans back? A lot of them seemed decently educated enough. The integrity cupboards are bare back home.

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While the government is determined to win the battle against corruption, experts are not very optimistic because of the many flaws in the system.

University of Johannesburg lecturer Terry Sacco says the thousands of public servants who defraud the Social Development Department of millions of rands every year “steal the money because they know they can get away with it”.

“We need zero tolerance when it comes to fraud and corruption,” Sacco says.

“Part of the solution is to employ more social workers to help identify people who really need these social grants.

“We also need leaders of impeccable integrity.”

The Department of Social Development has claimed victory, saying a total of 6693 public servants charged with fraudulently obtaining social grants had been brought to court by December 2007.

These civil servants work for various national and provincial government departments.

The special investigating unit was responsible for these investigations.

The government claims that the unit had saved the state about R7,7billion since the investigations started in 2005.

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